regular users of the group ‘Facebook‘, which has social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram, in addition to the application that gives its name to the conglomerate, they have not been slow to confirm the worldwide decline in communication services over the Internet.

The instant messaging social network experimented on the 17:30, various connectivity problems worldwide, preventing users from sending and receiving messages normally. An incident that some sources confirm would have affected worldwide.

No application allowed to share content or update that of others, as well as ‘chat’, upload photos or videos.

In this sense, the users of the social network Twitter they did not take long to share «memes»That dealt with this issue.

«Facebook: removed. Instagram: removed. WhatsApp: removed. Pass: Twitter andYoutube «, share a user on Twitter.

@ angel_sfc13 on Twitter.

«I am seeing that Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp did not work»

@ tam_g13 on Twitter.

«All now without Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp»

@lalalajenlis_MK on Twitter.

“Everybody running to Twitter after Instagram and WhatsApp crashed”

@imYulius on Twitter.

“WhatsApp fell, it’s time to free the beast”

@soynoviodetodas on Twitter.

Many others were “looking forward” to this moment to bring out their imagination. And it is that, they did not hesitate to transmit it through Twitter, a social network that achieved prominence on this afternoon of October 4.

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