The Silver Pajarracos have been awarded at the closing gala of the Festival held last night at the Blas Infante de Casares Cultural Center completely full.
Along with these awards for best fiction feature film, best documentary, and best Andalusian short film, they have also won Silver Bird, Alexis Morante for best direction for “Oliver’s universe”, and Laura Hojman for best editing for the documentary “A las mujeres de España.María Lejárraga”. The The audience award went to the film “Isósceles”, by Ignacio Nacho.
With regard to the express short film competition, the awards went to “Ella”, “Pingeon Attack” and “El reloj de Papá”, while the audience award went to “Another Christmas Story” by David García smoked
They have also obtained a Special mention for the short film “In the name of love” by the Grecina de Villarraguz Women’s Association and “La norma nº 1”, by a very young team from Casareño.
Within the parallel sections of the festival, the winning work of the photography contest was “1960” by Lidia Pinta Frías.
This year the camera obscura award went to Maria Cañas. Asecam was also awarded recognition on its 40th anniversary, which was collected by the filmmaker Pilar Tavora.
The award ceremony took place at the closing galawhich in this ninth edition has been conducted by the actress Laura Río and has had the musical intervention of the group from Granada “Otro coup”.
A gala that served to say goodbye to the large audience that has participated in the Festival and that packed the Blas Infante Cultural Center last night and the party that followed. A success for the public and filmmakers who have once again had a perfect meeting place to promote cinema with an Andalusian accent.
Source: Casares City Council

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