The Birthplace of Blas Infante has taken stock of the number of visits received this summer in which they have passed there 771 tourists, of which practically 50% have visited the house museum, and the other half has agreed to request tourist information about Casares.

It is mostly about national and local tourism, although many of the visitors were people who spent their vacations in Casares or in other towns in the area and who have made a visit to get to know the Historic Center.

Specifically 689 of these visitors were of Spanish nationality, followed by 30 British, 19 French and the rest of Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Latin America. And in all cases it was private groups, since it is outside the summer season when excursions and organized group visits increase.

More than half of these visits, 391, occurred in the month of August, followed by the month of July what was there 256 and in June 124In addition to these face-to-face visits, the Blas Infante Birthplace, which also houses the Casares Tourist Information Point, does a great job in terms of telephone service. In this sense, the queries regarding the Baños de la Hedionda, the eventyou cultural worn during the summer and on the visits to the Birthplace.

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