The Ministry of Development, Articulation of the Territory and Housing has awarded for 4,190,856 andaurochs to Lantania The works of comprehensive expansion and remodeling of the highway from Marbella to Istán (A-7176), a performance that It will solve the road safety problems that the road suffered due to its narrowness, as reported by the regional administration on Friday.

The road has a roadway width less than six meters without hard shoulderswhat made it difficult for cars and cyclists to coexistespecially in a section that is fully integrated into the city.

The transformation of this urban stretch of nearly two kilometers will be launched thanks to the collaboration agreement signed by the Minister of Public Works, Marifrán Carazo, and the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñozby which the co-financing commitment was sealed: the Junta de Andalucía assumes 60 percent of the costwhile the remaining 40 percent will correspond to the Marbella City Council.

“The dialogue and institutional collaboration have been fundamental in carrying out an intervention that not only integrate this road into the urban fabricbut ostensibly improves the road safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists”, they have highlighted.

The project includes 1.5 meter wide shoulders, the rectification of its longitudinal profile and the construction of four roundabouts to regulate traffic, reduce speed and improve road safety at existing intersections. Also, they will build perimeter sidewalks on both sides of 2.5 meters wide.

will also run cross-drainage works to improve hydraulic performance, with the extension through prefabricated frames of the existing factory work in the Arroyo del Tejar and in the substitution of two factory works of two natural runoffs.

On the other hand, action will be taken on the drainage of the platform and its margins through the provision on both sidewalks and along the curb line of grated and letter-box drains. Finally, gutters will be included in the margins at the foot of clearings to prevent water from reaching the sidewalks.

This work will be completed with the public lighting installation, underground electricity under the pavement and a network of irrigation and gardening. will also be incorporated woodland with plantation of palm trees along the route, in addition to new horizontal and vertical signage, beaconing devices and protection measures.

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