The Ministry of Education and Sports, through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, has awarded the service of project writing and health and safety study, construction management, work execution management and health and safety coordination for the construction of a new Center for Early Childhood and Primary Education (CEIP) of typology C3, with three lines of infantile and primary and capacity for 675 school places, in the area of La Cala de Mijas.

The architect Juan José Domínguez Albarracín has been the winner of this contract, for an amount of 336,367.90 euros, as indicated by the Board in a statement.

The construction of the new CEIP in La Cala de Mijas has a programmed budget, including project and works, of 5,795,579.92 euros. This action is included in the Educational Infrastructures Plan of the Ministry of Education and Sports, which is carried out through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education.

The new school will be located on a plot of 19,032 square meters located in an area of ​​recent urbanization and will have a total of 4,110 square meters built, which will be distributed in the teaching area, administration area, common and complementary services.

The teaching area of childish will have nine multipurpose classrooms with capacity for 225 schoolchildren and with its corresponding toilets and outdoor classrooms, and a common space for this educational level.

Likewise, in the area corresponding to primary there will be 18 multipurpose classrooms for 450 school seats, six small group classrooms, a music workshop room and a special education room with a toilet adapted for students with specific needs.

In the administration area there will be located the management offices and head of studies, the room and toilets for the teaching staff, the concierge and reprographics, the secretariat and archive, as well as the room for the associations of parents of the students and of their own student body.

On the other hand, in the common teaching area will be located the multipurpose room, the library, a space for resources, a gym with changing rooms and toilets. As complementary services, the center will have a dining room and multipurpose kitchen, which will be adapted both for the supply of menus through the transported food system and for on-site preparation.

The general store, a nucleus of toilets and changing rooms for students, as well as rooms for facilities, cleaning and garbage, will constitute the common services.

On the other hand, outside there will be a covered porch, playgrounds for children and primary schools, two sports courts, landscaped area, surface for parking of vehicles and orchard. More than 1,200 square meters will be reserved for future extensions.

The new CEIP of La Cala de Mijas It will have photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electrical energy, in line with the objective of achieving more sustainable educational buildings and reducing their energy cost. Likewise, it will have a natural ventilation system to guarantee indoor air quality.

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