The Junta de Andalucía has delivered this Thursday the Civil Protection Medal of Merit to the 51 local groups of Malaga Civil Protection volunteers, an acknowledgment made for his work and cooperation during the coronavirus pandemic in an act held in the town of Estepona, as reported by the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior.

The Director General of Emergencies and Civil Protection from the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior, Agustín Muñoz; the head of Emergencies 112 Andalusia and Civil Protection in Malaga, Ana Celia González; the mayor of the town of Estepona, José María Urbano; and the Andalusian Government delegate, Patricia Navarro; have attended this act of recognition and tribute to emergency volunteering.

The delegate of the Board has thanked on behalf of all the people of Malaga for the selfless and altruistic cooperation work that the groups registered in the province and their 1,400 volunteers have carried out since the beginning of the current pandemic: “Málaga is undoubtedly an example in Civil Protection, since we are the Andalusian province that has more groups and more volunteers and you form an essential network of support and backup that is there whenever it is needed, not only in emergencies but also in situations like the ones generated by this damn pandemic, and in which your generosity has been an example for everyone.

“Had been supporting people who were confined and that they could not travel by going to the pharmacy for medicines, distributing masks or disinfecting public spaces. You are a source of pride for all Andalusians”, Navarro remarked, “because wherever there is a problem, there will always be hundreds of Civil Protection volunteers and emergency professionals willing to solve them and give everything for their neighbors and colleagues”.

Navarro has pointed out that the act brings together “many good people, many people who dedicate yourselves in your day to day to doing good to others, and that is not easy to find. Therefore, it is a pride and an honor for me to share this event with all of you, with so many people of good will, supportive and that you are the best example of what Malaga represents”.

Today, with these Civil Protection medals of merit, the Andalusian Government wants to rto recognize solidarity and altruistic work “of so many volunteers who give your time, your talent and your abilities so that, in moments of anguish or uncertainty, we Malagans feel more protected when an emergency or catastrophe occurs in our land, whether it is climatological or of any other kind. another guy,” he said.

Navarro has reaffirmed the commitment of the Andalusian Government “for the security and for this reason we continue working to have a more protected, more coordinated province, where even more work is done on prevention, and in which you can all continue with your training and have the best intervention devices”.

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