The Regional Minister of Public Works, Territorial Articulation and Housing has awarded the works to widen and improve road safety for a four-kilometre section of the A-404 road between Coín and Alhaurín el Grande for an amount of 3,114,721 euros. The works, which have been awarded to Masfalt, are co-financed 80 percent by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and have an expected execution period of one year once the works start.

The Minister of Public Works, Marifrán Carazo, recalled that the improvement of this road is the result of “coordinated work and open dialogue to find the best connections for the municipalities of the region.” “The widening of the road and the new crossings, which will be safer, will bring Alhaurín El Grande and its neighbors closer to the highway, which will enable new opportunities for the municipality and the region.”

This action, which is co-financed with Feder funds, is divided into two sections. The first comprises from the exit of the intersection with highway A-355 (for sale Casa Pedro Lucena) to the roundabout located when crossing the Fahala River (for sale Los Chavos), while the second section encompasses the intersection of highway A -404 with the aforementioned A-355.

The work includes a three-kilometre section of the A-404 highway that runs from Coín to Alhaurin de la Torre, which is going to be widened to reach a width of seven meters of roadway, plus 1.5 meters of hard shoulder on both sides and a ditch of 1.5 meters of development at the foot of clearing. This expansion of the road will allow an increase in speed limits by gaining road safety. In addition, the esplanade and the pavement will be completely replaced, as well as the last layer of pavement on the road. The adjoining and drainage slopes will also be protected and conditioned.

The intervention on this road also includes the construction of three new roundabouts. Two of them will be located at the intersection of Las Alberquillas, which will serve to facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles from the main road that connects the Guadalhorce region with Marbella (A-355). The third roundabout is projected midway, at Miralmonte, to facilitate access to several rural roads in the area and improve communications with La Campiñuela or Viña Borrego.

With these measures, a solution will be given to a section that currently has the characteristics of a conventional road and, although it does not have a winding layout, there are different elevation changes that increase the danger, as well as several direct accesses through roads to different farms.

These works are added to the works, awarded for 1.2 million this week, to widen the access to the hiperronda (A-7) from Alhaurín de la Torre, which will provide solutions to the traffic jams suffered by thousands of users every day on the hour tip, both at the entrance and at the exit of this link.

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