The plays of adaptation of the east esplanade in the Marbella port they have gone out to bidding for 1,641,796 euros. Interested companies may present their offer until November 4 through the Sirec platform.

This action, of the Ministry of Development, Infrastructures and Spatial Planning, through the Public Agency of Ports of Andalusia, will be financed 80% by Feder funds, and its objective is to improvement of the endowment of the facilities of the port of Marbella through the conditioning of the esplanade adjacent to the port of La Bajadilla in its eastern area, which remains within the public domain of the port.

These works in the port of Marbella will correct the current deficiencies of the port facilities, adapting them to the needs and new demands derived from port activities, to favor the accessibility and management of complementary activities that favor the economic and social balance of the port.

The new design provides accesses, pavements, a new lighting network and service networks to the esplanade to provide a solution to land accesses and improve the relationship with the fishing pier and the functionality of port facilities.

The esplanade requires a reorganization of the interior space that allows the activity to be carried out in the surroundings of the shipowners quarters, which will require relocation of the same, as well as of the parking areas, have explained from the Board in a statement.

Within the performances of this project contemplates the channeling of a discharge stream known as Arroyo Primero, which runs through the public port domain and currently has its channel attached to the port breakwater on its eastern bank. For this reason, an adaptation will be carried out in its last 120 meters in order to put an end to the floods that are registered in adjacent streets and in the esplanade area when there are large avenues.

It will operate in an area of ​​6,000 square meters in the urbanization of the esplanade, 1,160 square meters in the channeling of Arroyo Primero and 1,782 square meters in the adaptation and improvement of Isaac Peral street. On the east side of the esplanade, 47 battery car parks are planned for tourism-type vehicles, plus an additional one reserved for people with reduced mobility.

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