Virtual assistant on mobile.
Virtual assistant on mobile.

The Junta de Andalucía has launched a virtual assistant to resolve any doubts that may arise for citizens related to the two main tributes assigned to the community: the Tax on Inheritance and Donations (ISD) and the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts (ITPAJD).

“With the launch of the virtual tax assistant, we are taking a further step in our objective of facilitating relations between citizens and the public Administration, which must be modern and adapted to new times and habits,” said the Minister of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo, who highlighted that Andalusia has become the first autonomous community to incorporate a service of this type.

The tool, available both on the website of the European Ministry of Finance and Finance, in the area of ​​Taxes, and on the website of the Andalusian Tax Agency, has been developed with a system based on artificial intelligence that allows you to answer the questions asked in a very intuitive way and guide the formulation of the questions itself.

In this way, the user can raise any questions that may arise related to taxes on Inheritance and Donations and ITPAJD: from what are the tax benefits established in Andalusia in Patrimonial Transmissions, to what is the deadline for filing the Inheritance Tax or whether You can request a fractionation in the payment of the tribute, among many others, and do it from your computer, mobile phone or any electronic device.

How does the virtual assistant work?

When entering the ATRIAN website or the Tax section of the website of the European Finance and Finance Ministry, a green tab appears on the right of the screen that says Virtual Assistant. By clicking on it, a new screen is displayed in which the tool asks how it can help. The user must write their question and a dialogue will be opened between the two, so that the wizard will offer, together with its answer, a battery of new questions related to the subject being consulted to help the user to refine their doubt and offer them alternatives in case they want to delve deeper into the information.

The virtual tax assistant is a project that has been developed by the Andalusian Tax Agency, the General Directorate of Taxes and other teams of the European Ministry of Finance and Finance, together with the Andalusian Digital Agency, and that aspires to become a useful tool adapted to the new times. It will progressively expand the contents to improve the service that the Administration provides to the citizen.

This tool expands the range of channels that the ATRIAN makes available to taxpayers, who have a hundred face-to-face service points, through the Provincial Managements and the offices run by Property Registrars, and who also have telephone assistance through the CIYAT (Information Center and Tax Assistance) and assistance through the Plan Con_ectamos, as well as through the more than 100 social collaboration agreements that the Agency has signed with councils, colleges and associations and that bring together more than 20,000 professionals.

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