The Department of Public Works, Infrastructure and Territory Planning, through the Andalusian Ports Public Agency, has tendered for 599,713 euros the construction works of a building for 16 new shipowners’ rooms in the port of La Bajadilla, in the town of Marbella, a public tender for which companies interested in presenting their offers will have until July 20, as reported on Thursday by the director of the public body, Rafael Merino.

The regional official has highlighted that these works are part of the program of actions launched by the Andalusian Government to revitalize Andalusian portsfor which he has indicated that “these works will allow the port of La Bajadilla to have some facilities adapted to current times and needs”.

In addition, he added that “working conditions will improve of the people who work in the fishing sector and it is a necessary action that will boost port activity and with it the economy of the area”, while stressing that interested companies will be able to submit their offers through the Sirec electronic platform until July 20, 2022.

this performance, 80 percent financed by Femp funds (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) and with a four month lead timehas as purpose reorganize and unify the work areas of the fishing sector improving their working conditions and favoring the integration between the port and the city.

The works consist of construction of a new building for 16 shipowners’ rooms, in addition to defining the limits and conditions of the border of the working area linked to the fishing port, improving its infrastructures; place them in a space accessible from land and waterand linked to the fishing activity in its own area or enclosure without being obliged to share its activity with other activities, improving the daily working conditions of the fishermen in terms of health and safety.

Also, this action will expand the infrastructure of the port and will order the space through distinction in the pavement, which will allow organizing the spaces not intended for vehicles improving security and user accessibility and it will increase security through the incorporation of light points and the substitution of streetlights with LED technology and day and night time control, providing lighting to the access space to the rooms.

Currently, there are 72 shipowners’ rooms with an area of ​​1,475 square meters. The building is distributed linearly and parallel to Isaac Peral street, constituting the northern limit of the port area. This location is far from space for netting and it is exposed to the passage of passers-by, which prevents the continuity of the work space between the laying of networks and the area of ​​shipowners’ quarters, also constituting a physical barrier in the integration of the port with the city of Marbella.

The current trend of port-city integration is to remove the barriers of separation with the urban center of Marbella, both in the fishing port of La Bajadilla and in the marina. To this end, the transfer of the building for rooms to a directly related area with the fishing field to improve the development of the activity, positively affecting the improvement of the degree of well-being in the work of the fishermen.

Currently are building 32 rooms in the area where the old fish market was previously located and harbor ice factory With this new performance for construction 16 additional rooms An adequate spatial structure will be created for the port area in order to maximize its possibilities of generating activity and improve the conditions of the fishermen in their condition of working space and storage of fishing equipment.

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