The Junta de Andalucía plans to allocate in the 2023 budget a “departure as an expandable credit” to develop the project of the City of Justice Marbella, whose construction is linked to the creation of accesses to the plot of La Torrecillafor which the City Council has requested to declare the Carretera de Ojén of regional interest for its unfolding, as announced on Monday by the councilor for the branch, José Antonio Nieto.

This has been highlighted by the regional official in a meeting he has held with the Consistory and the Platform pro judicial center Costa del Solwhere the group has transferred to the regional Administration “many initiatives that we are going to receive and incorporate to the functional program of the City of Justice”.

The representative of Justice has advanced than in budgets of the Junta de Andalucía of the next yearthere will be one game to promote the tender of the City of Justice of Marbella”, although it has not specified the amount, alleging that in 2023 “we have to make the access work compatible” with that of the future courthouse.

“It is very difficult to calculate, in the conditions in which we are to see when the work can begin, what cost can we allocate to the next financial year”, declared Nieto regarding the investment destined to undertake the construction of the equipment, for which he has indicated that “surely we will carry that item as an expandable credit that allows us to expand it to what is necessary depending on how the works are carried out”.

Nieto pointed out that “after many vicissitudes and searching for many alternatives, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to solve this problem is building the City of Justice from scratch on a piece of soil already owned by the Junta de Andalucía”, after the transfer of land approved by the plenary session of the Corporation municipality last year.

“The City of Justice required a first decision, which was to have land availability and it has been a reality for some time now; the second was to be able to have some adequate access for the provision of the service”declared the counselor, who has assured that “the mayor has been talking to many people for a long time to be able to solve it”.

To do this, he stressed that the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA) “has allowed us to already have this tool available”, Therefore, the Marbella Town Hall has requested declare the Carretera de Ojén of regional interest, a proposal that The Ministry of Public Works is going to propose the approval in the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía”and that “it will allow the plot to have its access problem resolved”, he pointed out.

In this way, the counselor has highlighted that “the possibility of acting on the accesses it will be resolved almost immediately” -since the approval by the Andalusian Government Council supposes the “license” to carry out the works-; and “in parallel we are going to work on the implementation of the functional program of the City of Justice and we are going to define the project, to see the type of work that has to be carried out and what needs the execution of this work has”.

According to the tender for the construction of the Palace of Justicehas clarified that once work begins on the Ojén Highway, assessing that it will be “immediately”, what the Board intends is “that when it is compatible the work of the City of Justice with that of access to the plot, it can start”.

For her part, the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has advanced that “abefore the end of the year we will have the license of that road thanks to the approval” of the project by the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía of all those works that have to be done”, specifying that it will have a cost of “14 million euros”.

Thus, he has stated that “within what is the complete project, we are seeing the possibility that a part of that work, which is important, could be covered within the scope private since there will be a development on both sides of the Carretera de Ojén, and therefore, it has to be a load within the urban development of that area”.

The project to provide access to the plot where the future City of Justice is projected, contemplates the creation of two lanes or service roads on the Carretera de Ojén, one for each direction of traffic; a underground roundabout and a bridge that will unite the east and west areas below the A-355, as explained by the City Council.

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