The City Council has taken a new step to promote the permanent installation of a 50-meter-high panoramic Ferris wheel on the west side of the San Pedro Alcántara boulevard. The municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, has informed, after the celebration of the Local Government Board, that the preliminary draft of this initiative is currently in a period of public exposure as a procedure prior to the bidding of the future concession.

The councilor has emphasized that it is an action “of tourist and social interest”, since “This space has become one of the great centers of attraction of the city and it required new elements to restructure its current offer ”.

Romero has detailed that the objective is for the project to be tendered at the end of this year or early 2022 and has advanced that the expected duration of the contract It will be 10 years, extendable until 15, and with a minimum annual fee to be paid to the municipal coffers of 28,380 euros. “It will be an infrastructure with a modern and technological conception”, the mayor has abounded, who has advanced that it is expected that the Ferris wheel, which will be located near the facilities of the Aspandem association, have between 24 and 30 accessible, closed and air-conditioned cabins with a capacity for groups of 6-8 people.

The successful bidder, as stated, will assume the development of the construction project, the execution, the supply and the operation of the set of facilities, as well as the treatment of urban integration of the perimeter of the surface to be occupied, which will amount to about 1,000 square meters, through sheets of water, pergolas and green areas.

On the other hand, in today’s meeting it was agreed that the City Council will join two technological tools of the central Administration. First, to the system Represents, a service that “will allow expediting the processing of files with associations and groups” and that functions as a registry of the authorized persons of an entity to carry out an administrative procedure. On the other hand, it has also joined the collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations and the General Council of Notaries “to be able to access the registry of representatives of any private citizen.”

Finally, the Local Government Board has authorized the bases for the convocation of six places –two as deputy inspector and four as officer– In the staff of the Local Police through the competition-opposition system for internal promotion. “Citizen security is vital for this government team,” said Romero, who has stressed the importance of providing “structure, organization and hierarchy to the body.”

In addition, Urban planning licenses worth 9 million euros have been approved, “Which comes to define the strength and attractiveness of the city and the economic movement that is taking place.”

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