About 8,500 pieces of different marbles and materials similar to those employed by the Romans in the 2nd century AD have been necessary to develop the only real complete replica of the image of Medusa, found in the Roman Villa of Rio Verde, in Marbella. This jewel of reconstruction can be seen since yesterday in the gardens of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic, where it was presented by Kathi Rohrer-Zaiser, co-director of the center; next to Carmen Diaz, Councilor for Culture of the Marbella City Council; already Isabel Nunez, archaeologist responsible for the Roman Villa.

Núñez explained that the mosaic has been elaborated «like the romans did«, Using similar techniques and materials, and that the Buchinger Wilhelmi gardens are« the best place »to display this figure, considered the guardian of the Roman Villa, since its name in Greek means “protector”. This mythological character with snake hair, turned into stone those who looked into her eyes. His head was used as a weapon by the Greek hero Perseus, so it is believed that he wielded afprotective anointing for the inhabitants of the time.

Reconstructed mosaic on display in the clinic gardens.

The figure of the gorgon is “a symbol of the Roman presence in Marbella«, Explained the Councilor for Culture, who thanked Buchinger Wilhelmi for his sensitivity towards dissemination of the heritage of the city.

For her part, the co-director of the clinic thanked the support received for this initiative, which has the collaboration of the Firmana Cultural Association, and which is the first event organized by Buchinger Wilhelmi after the restrictions due to the pandemic, also having as the protagonist one of the symbols of Marbella.

Since 1973, the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Marbella is the international reference center specialized in therapeutic fasting, integral medicine and Inspiration. Orientation to the patient, through an individualized cure that prepares them for a healthier lifestyle, is one of the pillars of its therapeutic offer together with nutritional medicine, physical exercise, relaxation and psychotherapy. Buchinger Wilhelmi Marbella has been awarded as the Best Wellness and Health Hotel in Spain of 2019 by the prestigious travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

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