Good taste in the mouth that left the CAB, Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol this weekend at his home, one week before the start of the league competition when, finally, the results will be worth it and not just the sensations and the work done on the track. The locals were intractable from the first minute of the game, taking advantage of their inner game in each action they sought and being able to rotate a lot and test different systems, both offensive and defensive.

The CAB, Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol set the pace for the match on both sides of the pitch at the start of the match, making it very clear that the intention was to defend and try to run away, even with the inside players as the leading edge. throws in the counterattack, achieving a 6-0 in less than three minutes that forced Jesús Lázaro to request a time-out, since María Torreblanca’s open shot, which began with three errors in the launch, seemed to be the only offensive idea of ​​the capital cities.

He managed to find some more Unicaja attack option, but in defense they were unable to stop the Estepona offense and a triple by Marina Markovic put what until then was the maximum advantage (16-4) before reaching the halfway point of the first set. The clockwork machinery worked with care by Bea Pacheco began to be seen and the team flowed on the track and began to appear as an orderly block that knows what step to take at all times. The inside game of the premises did not stop producing and the deficiencies in the Unicaja area, without its references from last year or signings that replace it, were patent. At the end of the first quarter (27-8), Pocek, Markovic and Stamenkovic had 19 points.

Unicaja took advantage of the fact that the locals did not start fully concentrated at the start of the second quarter to cut differences, which soon forced Bea Pacheco to request a time-out (32-13 and two free throws for Matoso after 2’14 ”of play), not because the match was in jeopardy or the rent was short, but because the work and intensity are non-negotiable even in the preseason, and above all, adjustments had to be made. It was not the most watched quarter in terms of play, although there were some moments in which the ball circulated as it should and the shots arrived, whether they entered or not. With 2’30 ”for the rest, and with 46-25 on the scoreboard, with CAB, Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol increasing the intensity behind a point and managing to steal balls, Lázaro stopped the game, although it did not serve to that his team reduced the rent, reaching the halfway point of the match with 48-27 on the scoreboard.

The difference increased after the break, based on internal superiority, despite the fact that the whole of the Costa del Sol was not particularly successful in attack, but it was enough so that, almost coinciding with the equator of the third quarter, the scoreboard reflected 57-30 after a 2 + 1 from Pocek which in turn made Unicaja stop the game, as they had only added a basket from Matoso and a free kick so far this period. A zonal defense, with three players of training age on the court for many moments and Masià playing power forward, left the Liga Femenina 2 team without seeing a ring for several minutes and only the mistake from the 4.60 line prevented the income from reaching to thirty points before: 62-32 with 2’42 “to play.

They entered the last quarter with 66-35 in the Pineda light and the game was messier than so far, which Unicaja took advantage of to reap a 0-11 run in four minutes (66-46). It was Cases Rey, from the free kick, who was in charge of opening the private scoreboard of the CAB, Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol in the fourth. The first basket in play took six minutes to arrive, the work of Okafor in a counterattack (71-48), which allowed the visitors, who did not lower their arms, not to leave the game despite seeing more than 30 points down. A very active Marta Ortega on both sides of the court gave a different air to Unicaja, showing herself as the best of her team both in this match and in the overall of the two days. The minutes passed with the sole objective of seeing what the score would reflect at the end of regulation time. Victory for the locals by 83-59, who lifted the first Super Champion title of Malaga.

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