The administration of the luxurious Cabopino urbanizationlocated in Marbella, -which is held by the wife of the former mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal-, has presented this Wednesday “80%” of the documentation related to the community accounts that several neighbors have requested judicially, going to its delivery the councilor of the PP of Mijas, Lourdes Burgos, as “representative” of the popular company, according to the complainants’ lawyer, Antonio Jesús Doblas.

The court summons took place this morning in the Court of First Instance number 2 of Marbellalocated on Arias de Velasco Avenue, where the “preliminary steps to obtain documents from the administration have been carried out, since it is allegedly denied to us”, the lawyer has indicated.

The lawyer has pointed out that on the part of the community administration -which is carried out by the company Alcantara Service Center, of which the former mayor of Mijas has assured that he is the “owner” and president of the local PP; A “lawyer who brought a power of attorney from the administrator” has appeared and is the one who “has carried out the act of preliminary proceedings together with a representative of the administration.” This representation has been exercised “The councilor of the PP of Mijas, Lourdes Burgoswho has come as an employee of the Alcántara Services Center company”, she added.

The lawyer has indicated that the representation of the community administration “it has delivered 80% of everything that was requested”, in relation to the requested documentation of the accounts of the last five years in a complaint filed by several neighbors. Among them is “a fairly extensive list of invoices from 2017 to 2021 ”, a “copy of the Book of minutes from 2010 to November 2021, which was the last meeting”, as well as “the positions of the current president, who is a commercial company, to verify that this person indeed has the power to represent the company and act as president”.

On the rest of the documentary claim, he specified that “in addition to the invoice book, some small accounting notes from recent years have been delivered.” “For our part, we understand that the list of owners has not been duly completed, and also exhibited copy of the representations of the last meeting, because we had suspicions that all the information was allegedly not true, both from attendees and represented”, he valued.

Doblas has recalled that the neighbors have requested through a complaint filed in the Court “a fairly extensive documentation such as the invoice book or the list of coefficients and owners, that this has not been fully delivered to us and they have hidden behind data protection”, only delivering the first list. In line with this, he has alluded to the need to “have an updated list of owners because we have a owners meeting on October 8”.

The documentation provided will now be that “study it and value it”, and after thatit will be decided whether a criminal or civil lawsuit is filed against the administration”, remarked the lawyer, who underlined that “all this could be avoided if the administration and the president provided the necessary means for these community members, and it seems that more and more are aware that the way of proceeding, both of the administration and of the president, is not transparent, and what we have come to is demanding transparency.”

Among the affected neighbors is the collaborates with television Aída Nízar, that this Wednesday has attended the Court along with other owners. “Cabopino manages millions of euros”, he has indicated, pointing out that the community allegedly “invoices in B”, for which several community members have gone to court “to demand criminal and economic responsibility to our administrator and our president”.

The television collaborator Aída Nízar.

The television collaborator Aída Nízar.


Maria Jesus Serrano


According to Nizar, it is the Ángel Nozal, the one who supposedly “gives us the explanations” and “the one who acts as administrator”, assuring that his wife “has been an administrator for very little”. “She was his secretary, she got a degree express and she is our administrator, but ignores the horizontal property law, that the community member has the right to see his accounts, the ledger and that we are summoned with the accounts in hand”.

On the other hand, he stated thatthere have been many communities who have contacted us as Riviera, Las Lomas, Benahavis or Calahonda, hundreds of administrations that have denounced “, and that are supposedly managed by the popular company. In addition, he has indicated that it has been requested “Audience to the President of the College of Administrators” of Malaga.

“Today is the recapitulation of let’s see what accounts they give usand after this what we have to do is audit them and that is what we aspire to”, emphasized the television collaborator, who has pointed to the need for the courts to enforce “the horizontal property law so that it is complied with and to that he Mr. Nozal, if you want to be a politician, remember that you must manage”.

“I cannot understand how a Mr. Nozalfuture candidate for Mayor of a place like Mijaswhich in the case of Cabopino manages millions and we have strong suspicions that there are allegedly many irregularities, that is why we are in court; we are going to entrust a town hall like the one in Mijaswhich is one of the ones that manages the most money in Spain”, Nízar has assessed.

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