The complaints about administration of estates by the company of the former mayor of Mijas and president of the local PP, Ángel Nozal, expand to other communities of owners on the Costa del Sol, for which the various neighbors have created a platform of those affected by its management and they have requested protection from the Official Association of Property Administrators of Malaga and Melilla.

The group’s spokesperson is the television collaborator Aída Nízar, who owns a house in the Cabopino urbanization in Marbella, in which several residents have requested through the courts the community of owners accounts. The publication of the case in the media has caused other urbanizations to contact Nízar through social networks, who has assured that there are at least 8 other residential areas affected.

Specifically, he referred to the Cabopino urbanizations, Las villas de Cabopino -located on the beach street- and Las mimosas de Cabopino phase 4 of Marbellawhile the residential areas of Riviera del Sol, Butiplaya, Jardinana Azalea, Club la Costa and El Hinojal belong to Mijas, declared the businesswoman, who pointed out that all of them have in common that are managed by Ángel Nozal’s company, in which he has indicated that the popular “is the owner of the administration 100% and his wife is the administrator.”

The ‘Platform of those affected by Nozal and Van Gaalen’ has been set up to “raise the voice of some community members affected for the alleged corruption and unfair administration of some crápulos”, has pointed out the television collaborator. “I love being Aída Nizar because I am excited to give a voice to the weakest”, he remarked, assuring that the community members “are afraid because there are many interests.”

As indicated, after the sharing of the aforementioned urbanizations, actions by the administration stand out, such as “choose companies that work in the community at your convenience for your own benefit, deny giving information” or destroy it, or have all the insurance with a company that has indicated that the former mayor and the couple are supposedly “representatives on the Costa del Sol”. “They do not give parts and when they compensate, then they pass the bill to the community” allegedly, he added.

Other of the alleged irregularities that are committed in the urbanizations by the company of the popular are “payroll of workers who are overpaid, lawyers who are paid in bo introduce the figure of the social graduate for 1,600 euros”, when “everything was included in the administration’s proposal”. To this he added that “in no community is there a legal debt claim and then it is seized, but they do harass and they make life impossible”, “elevator contracts for 50% more” or the supposed favor treatment of the presidents.

Faced with this situation, residents of the urbanizations Butiplaya, Cabopino, Riviera del Sol and the beach street, in addition to Altos de los Monteros, the latter being the only one not managed by the Nozal company; held a “3.5 hour” meeting last Wednesday with the President of the College of Administrators of MalagaManuel Jiménez, to whom they explained the numerous complaints and the “need for help” from the corporate body.

This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully contact the president of the PP, Ángel Nozal, and his partner to give his version of the facts.

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