The mayor of Mijas (Málaga), Josele González, assured this Monday that the arrival of the Cala Mijas festival “has been a shock to the image and economy”, estimating the City Council that more than 20 million euros of impact has been reached economical in the town and throughout the Costa del Sol.

Together with the Councilor for Festivities, Tamara Vera, the councilor has taken stock of this macro-event that took place for the first time in the town and which ended last Saturday after three days of music in which the Sonora Mijas venue received international artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Liam Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk or Nathy Peluso.

«We are very happy with the development and economic and media impact that the celebration of this festival has had, which we promoted for the first time from the Mijas City Council, and it is that ours is a young and multicultural city that has demanded this type of event for a long time. of great international repercussion and with top-level artists”, he pointed out.

González has assured that from the Consistory they are going “to continue promoting new musical events that can be held in this newly opened venue, Sonora Mijas, which is already receiving very good reviews both by the attendees and by the promoters and artists who have come here. date”.

In a statement they have indicated that the figure of 20 million euros estimated by the City Council represents an initial calculation, according to the repercussion of this type of festivals that are already consolidated and that are held in other provinces and is both due to their direct economic impact and due to the media.

“We have exceeded the initial forecasts, reaching 107,000 attendees, a large number to be the first of the many editions that are yet to come and that have attracted visitors from more than 50 countries to our city, being 27% of the total number of visitors. foreign public attendees who have come mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy”, he explained.

The alderman added that it has been an edition “that has perfectly combined music, sun and beach in a unique enclave within the province”. “An economic impact that has had a special impact on some of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, such as the hotel industry, commerce and accommodation in the city,” he stressed.

In this sense, the national public has also been very diverse, with the provinces of Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia being the ones that have had the most presence, together with the local and Andalusian ones. In addition, it has been an “intergenerational and international” festival, Vera pointed out, highlighting that it has been a “totally new venue that lent itself to the enjoyment of all attendees.”

Precisely, they have underlined that “the variety and quality” of the musical programming has been one of “its great guarantees” with up to 90 artists who have passed through the Cala in these three days to bring the best rock, pop, electronic and urban music closer to the attendees.

«From the first minute we bet on a solid festival, that looks to the future and that we want to grow edition after edition. An open festival also thanks to its stage located in the Torreón, which with views of the sea, brought music closer to the more than 2,500 attendees who came up to this point, ”said the mayor of Fiestas.

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