The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Friday the bases of a new public call for employment for five positions in the Local Police Headquarters, in order to fill the vacancies corresponding to the public employment offer of 2023, and that may be requested from next Monday, July 17, and until August 11, as reported by the City Council this Friday.

The bases were previously published in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) to comply with the regulations governing public job offers.

After the publication in the BOE, as of Monday 17, a period of 20 business days will open for those who wish to take part in the selective tests can apply until August 11 in it General Registry of the City Council, addressed to the head of the Mayor’s Office-Presidency, stating that they meet each and every one of the requirements, except those of age, driving licenses and qualifications that will be documented along with the application.

Interested parties must comply with the requirements to qualify for the call and during the process, candidates must pass physical and psychological tests. Those who get a place will subsequently receive a training course at the Institute of Emergencies and Public Safety of Andalusia (IESPA).

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Estepona City Council is finalizing the selection process for the fourth public call for employmentwhich will mean the incorporation of another nine agents to the municipal staff.

The commitment of the Consistory is to continue reinforcing the local police until all existing positions in the workforce are covered, remembering, in this sense, that the City Council is carrying out these procedures following the maximum public contracting allowed by the Central Government.

Likewise, to reiterate that the Consistory will continue calling for new public job offers to provide more human resources to the Police Headquarters and recalled that the City Council has provided, through different public calls since 2011, a total of 34 police posts, 4 sub-inspectors and 6 officers.

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