The bell Paint your Facha of the Casares Town Council is obtaining results in improving the image of the historical-artistic complex, and seeks to ensure that Casares preserves the essence of the Andalusian white villages.

Since this initiative began in 2020, 120 grants have been awarded, of which a total of 81 have been paid. It is important that the beneficiaries of the same in the previous call proceed before the end of this year to paint the facade and present the invoice, the proof of payment and the photograph with the painting work already finished.

So far, €71,000 have been allocated to different families in this campaign, an item that will be increased as soon as the 2021 awardees finish carrying out the aforementioned actions, and which will also open a new call shortly.

The 2022 campaign will be presented in the coming days, and as explained by the Councilor for Conservation of the Historic Center Chelu Herrera, “it seeks to improve the image of our center, one of the most significant values ​​of our municipality, since it is considered a historic complex artistic, and it is in everyone’s hands to boast of being a town”.

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