The new building will be located next to the medical center, it will have a floor dedicated exclusively to the wake rooms and the rest of the space will be available for the future expansion of the office.

The mayor, Pepe Carrasco, reports that the project already has the approval of Culture, so the City Council is going to release the necessary budget to tender its construction.

Giving the old town a space for wakes is one of the priorities of the Casares government team that is working on the upcoming construction of a new building next to the Medical Clinic.

The mayor, Pepe Carrasco, has reported that the project, which has already been completed, has the approval and authorization of the JJAA delegation of Culture, one of the main obstacles for the works in the historic center, so it is has made a breakthrough for its construction. And the next step, in which the City Council is currently working, is to release the necessary budget to award it as soon as possible.

The new building will be located between the Medical Office and the supermarket. It will have two wake rooms on floor -1, a thanatopraxy room, common spaces and public toilets. The area will be connected with stairs and an elevator to the reception room of the wake on the ground floor, which will have enough space to expand the Health Center, to which it will be connected by providing it with new rooms and a large room Standby. It also has a plant in the basement where the technical room for the building’s facilities would be located.

The construction of an exclusive space to watch the deceased in the historic center is one of the projects planned in the program of the local government team, since it is a necessity for the population that currently uses the old House of Culture for wakes, about the Pensioner’s Home.

The City Council is also working on the renovation of this building on the Peñón Roao, to turn it into a space dedicated entirely to the elderly that, connecting its three floors with an elevator, will host the School of Memory and Neurocognitova, a space for psychomotor activities, the kitchens of the soup kitchen and other recreational facilities for the elderly in the municipality.

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