The Estepona City Council has put out to tender the management, administration and operation of several premises of the Padre Manuel Cultural Center and the mayoralty of Cancelada for the development of cultural and educational activities.
In this way, the City Council will continue to offer the opportunity to associations, foundations, teachers or training companies to teach classes in these municipal offices.
As stated in the previous specifications, the authorizations for the occupation of said premises will last for two years and may be extended for another two years if there is an agreement between both parties.
The Deputy Mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz, explained that in the Padre Manuel Cultural Center there is a computer room equipped with computers, a language room, three dance rooms with their corresponding music equipment, and a flamenco room , while in the Mayor’s office of Cancelada, it will be possible to manage a language classroom and another equipped as a dance studio, with music equipment.
The hiring table will value that the offers that are presented complement the activities that are part of the Courses and Workshops of the municipal delegation of Culture, which are taught each year at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center and in the Mayor’s office of Cancelada. In this sense, Ortiz recalled that the Consistory organizes each year more than 40 courses and workshops where more than 2,000 students participate.

Those interested in these freely available classrooms must adjust to the days and times in which they are not occupied by the courses and workshops offered by the municipal delegation of Culture. In this link you can consult the available dates, as well as the specifications to present the offers: . You can also access the information on the notice board of the Electronic Office that is housed in HYPERLINK « or
Those interested can present their proposal by registration of the Estepona City Council until next August 26, in a sealed envelope in which, only, the inscription PROPOSITION FOR THE BID OF AUTHORIZATIONS FOR THE SPECIAL COMMON USE OF MUNICIPAL PREMISES will appear.
The Deputy Mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz, has stated that the municipal offices of the Padre Manuel Cultural Center and those located in Cancelada have classrooms equipped with all the necessary material, which in each case corresponds, for the development of these activities. Thus, the authorization for the use of the premises will be in the form and conditions established in the specifications, and each one of them must be used exclusively for uses that are compatible with the intended purposes.
The occupation of these properties during the hours in which they are not being used by the courses organized by the Culture delegation or other municipal delegations, aims to increase the use of certain dependencies, in order to make the public spaces as profitable as possible. , and make its use and enjoyment reach a greater number of students.
The authorization will be for the occupation of the properties during certain weekly hours, in the hours and days determined by the Culture delegation, coinciding with the opening hours of the center and adjusting as much as possible to what is requested by the interested parties.
Among the quantifiable criteria that must serve as the basis for the tender, priority will be given to those activities that complement those programmed by the City Council and those proposals that are not included in the municipal agenda.
The bases of the call, authorization fee, guarantees, and documentation to be presented, can be consulted on the notice board of the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council and on the website of the municipal delegation of Culture.

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