Coín has an important associative fabric and to maintain it, the town council annually allocates economic items for its strengthening and development. This 2021, 140,000 euros will be allocated to the different groups and associations in the city, an item with which the groups launch numerous activities, as well as the generation of jobs. “We have a great associative fabric because Coín is supportive and very participatory. For this team and this city, their associations and groups, due to the great work they do, are fundamental because they help us to build a better city ”, highlighted the Coineño councilor. He explained that there are different ways to help Coineña society and through social groups and associations is one of them. “It is an indirect aid to the citizen and, above all, during this year and a half of the pandemic their work has been essential,” he added.

The councilor has reported that since the municipal budget for 2021 came into force, throughout the year meetings are being held with the local associations to sign the collaborative agreements through which they can subsequently receive this municipal aid. “We call for the signing of these agreements according to the availability and needs of the associations themselves. In this case, before the end of this year, we are closing those pending agreements until allocating the 140,000 euros that we had budgeted for ”, he remarked. Numerous associations of a sporting, cultural or social nature are passing through the City Council of Coín. These are the cases of the Luna Nueva Foundation, the Coín Alzheimer’s Association (AFA-ACOAL) or the Coín Triathlon Club, among others. “These groups provide a service to citizens and in many cases also contribute to creating jobs for health workers, monitors, etc., which are needed for the development of their activities,” he said.

Francisco Santos has assured that the Coín City Council provides social assistance and attention to citizens both directly and indirectly, through these subsidies to groups. In this sense, it has specified that other economic items such as the Social Emergency Fund have also been directly allocated to the families of Coín who have needed it. Finally, he wanted to highlight the importance of this collaboration of the City Council with the entire associative fabric of society, which includes both social, cultural or sports associations. “It is essential that a society is alive and that is, in part, thanks to the work carried out by the associations and groups of our municipality. That is why it is essential for us to support them and collaborate economically because indirectly we are doing it to all the citizens of our city ”, he assured.

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