Today opens the registration period for courses and workshops of the municipal delegation of Culture 2021/2022, which offer a wide variety of disciplines for all ages. The deadline for submitting applications will remain open until October 1. Classes will begin at the beginning of October of this year 2021 and will end at the end of June 2022.
The municipal delegation of Culture will offer for the second consecutive year an online access for the pre-registration of newly incorporated students in the 2021/22 Courses and Workshops. They can do so through the following link: Likewise, they may be held in person at the municipal delegation of Culture, located in the Padre Manuel Cultural Center.
The Deputy Mayor responsible for the Sociocultural Area, Begoña Ortiz, has reported that the City Council will once again offer aid for groups that are in a situation of greater vulnerability, who are registered in Estepona and who are interested in taking part in these workshops and courses.
Thus, these training actions will have a 50% reduction in their cost for retired students who receive only the non-contributory pension and prove that the income of the family unit does not exceed 1.3 the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), as well as students and unemployed in the same situation, and for people who prove a disability greater than 33%.
Students enrolled in the Estepona Adult Center, Solfeggio students who enroll in Piano, youth correspondents accredited by the municipal Youth delegation, and students who are part of a unit will also benefit from this 50% discount. large family. Likewise, students of the Municipal Band workshop who do their internships in the same Band will have a 100% discount and a 25% discount for those who are enrolled in more than one course of the Municipal Delegation of Culture.
The courses and workshops of the municipal delegation of Culture that will be taught this year 2021-2022 will be the following:
Chess course with Miguel Abril.
Artistic area. Theater with Juan Jesús Luque.
Dance area. Ballroom Dances (Latin Rhythms, Sevillanas and Bridal Choreography) with Mariví Rodríguez; Classical-Flamenco Dance with Eva Alarcón; Elementary and Middle Grade Preparatory of the Andalusian Flamenco School with Lourdes Barrientos; and Flamenco Dance, Castanets and Latin Rhythms with Maribel García.
Crafts Area. Bobbin Lace with Rosario Amate and Isabel Mena; Drawing and Painting with Rocío Garín; Painting on Fabric, Tiffany and Polychrome, with Lina María Barrientos; and Lace of Bolillos with Rosario Amate and Isabel Mena (Enrollments in this last year with Isabel Mena will be formalized at the 24 Hours Sports Foundation).
Languages ​​Area. Spanish for foreigners with Belén González and Encarna Carrión; and English with Juan Sergio Picardo.
Music Area. Flamenco Guitar with Paco Javier Jimeno; Percussion with Chico Fargas; Solfeggio and Piano with Joaquín Castellano; and Musical and Instrumental Training Workshop for Music Band with José Antonio López Camacho.
Courses in Cancelada. Chess with Miguel Abril; Belly Dance and Latin Dances with Paulina Partal; Bobbin Lace with Isabel Mena; Crafts and Crafts, and Design and Pattern, with M.ª Eugenia Espinosa. (Enrollment in these last three courses will be formalized at the 24 Hours Sports Foundation).
All scheduled courses and workshops must be paid for in advanced quarters, after registration. The bonuses will not be cumulative.

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