The city ​​Hall will create a eco-parking next to the Guadalmina Shopping Center to promote the activity of businesses in the area, as announced by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has explained to the residents and merchants the project, which will start after the Fair, with an execution period of 6 months and that will provide the complex with a total of 118 places, four for people with reduced mobility and another four with electric recharge. “This is a highly demanded action to which we are going to respond immediately and that will revitalize this entire environment,” said the councilor, who pointed out that “the lack of parking was preventing the development of many establishments.”

The performance will take place in a municipal land of 4,127 square meters “Which is wasted”, has indicated the first mayor, who has advanced that, in addition to parking, “we are going to promote a series of actions that will involve the regeneration of the sidewalk, pavement, night lighting, the improvement of the sanitation network , an irrigation network and the provision of another telecommunications network ”. “We are facing a very ambitious project, which will provide greater accessibility to the area,” he said.

Likewise, the mayor, accompanied by the deputy mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García, has stressed that the initiative will respect the environment, “integrating the car park into its surroundings and also becoming a new access facade to the shopping center itself”. “With all the actions that we are going to develop, what we intend is to value this place, and that businesses, mainly, can offer better services,” the councilor remarked.

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