The housing works in the Elviria area, which is generating so much controversy due to the scaffolding that it maintains for about ten yearswill soon be a reality. This is what the advisor responsible for the Las Chapas district, Carlos Alcalá, has told us after contacting him from this media when he received some photographs and information about the house that has suffered a large crack for quite some time. The City Council had to ask for judicial permission to access the house and thus be able to assess the damage to budget for the works, which will cost more than 200,000 euros.

«We are processing a file to be able to carry out the works as soon as possible. The scaffolds are there precisely for the safety of the neighbors and we are paying for it from the City Hall. Apparently, the house belonged to a Firnish company that has been dissolved and does not have an owner, “said Alcalá, who also stated that tomorrow he has a meeting with the Councilor for Works to discuss this issue, among others.

According to the advisor, the procedures are happening quickly and it is expected that very soon it will cease to be a problem for the area. «Between now and the summer of next year, we hope that the works have been executed. I live here too and I am concerned not only as a responsible advisor for the area, but also as a neighbor, “he said.

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