The Civil Guard has investigated a 59-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of fraud against an injured party who paid 350 euros for the acquisition of two dog puppies through the internet and a money laundering crime of a total of 185,000 euros obtained illegally.

It was at the beginning of August when a A neighbor from Fuensalida reported the fraud to the Civil Guard in which she had been involved when trying to acquire two dog puppies through a web page. As he related in his complaint, he contacted a person through the internet to acquire the pets, paying 350 euros through a prepaid card.

The seller, upon correctly receiving the money, requested two new admissions to the injured party with the excuse that the dogs would pass through Customs correctly. Faced with her refusal, she was even coerced, since if she did not agree to make the payments, the puppies would be quarantined for three months and held in the country of origin, being accused in court for mistreatment of pets under a fine of 15,000 euros, according to has informed by the Civil Guard in a press release.

Faced with the strange obstacles she was encountering in acquiring the animals, this woman reported the events to the Civil Guard, at which point the Torrijos Team began the corresponding investigation. The agents discovered through the prepaid cards and the accounts linked to the collection of said cards that the author was a person of Belgian nationality who operated from the town of Marbella.

The researchers verified that the modus operandi of this person consisted, on the one hand, in obtain income illegally through different internet scams, making payments through prepaid cards, which were linked to two bank accounts. Once the money was received in these accounts, it was diverted to a third party with tax headquarters in London (United Kingdom), where it accumulated 185,000 euros obtained illegally.

In this way, the agents have clarified through this first complaint a crime of fraud and a crime of money laundering, investigating this person, currently unaccounted for, and bringing the facts to the attention of the Investigating Court No. 3 of Torrijos.

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