Fifty families see their jobs in danger after the threat of closure of the hotel Ona Valle Romano Golf & Resort, in Estepona.

The holiday complex, managed by the hotel chain Ona Hostels, belongs to the venture capital fund HIG Capital, a company that -according to what the workers have denounced- would be requesting the closure of the facilities with the intention of using them for residential use. A decision that would mean the loss of about fifty jobs and one hundred indirect jobs.

For this reason, workers from Ona ​​Valle Romano have been demonstrating daily for several days in front of the main headquarters of HIG Capital, in Madrid. «HIG Capital has gone to different organizations such as the tourism inspection of the Andalusian Government, the Estepona City Council and the courts to obtain the closure of the hotel arguing irregularities in the management. However, to date, the courts have agreed with the workers and Ona Hotels, dismissing the lawsuits and ordering HIG Capital to pay the costs”, explains the spokesperson for the workers’ platform, Juan Carlos Asenjo.

“We consider the requests of this vulture fund to be disproportionate and we advocate maintaining the hotel management of these facilities, in order to ensure jobs and the activity of the complex.”

Asenjo recalls that, since he took over the management, Ona Hotels “has been paying on time and
forms taxes, payroll, and also the payment quotas” to HIG Capital for the exploitation of the
facilities and that these payments were also maintained during the pandemic period.

«Ona Valle Romano Golf & Resort is a tourist complex that works perfectly, there are
five years of contract and the workers are getting paid on time. I understand that
getting rich is legal but work is not an option, but a right”, insisted the spokesman for the workers.

The Ona Valle Romano complex has 430 apartments and combines a hotel, apartments and an 18-hole golf course. It is currently the second Ona Hotels complex in Estepona and the fifth on the Costa del Sol, being marketed under a 3-star premium category. ‘. The Ona Valle Romano is today one of the largest tourist complexes on the Costa del Sol, and also the official accommodation for the Solheim Cup 2023, which will be held next year.

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