The French hotel chain Club Med select 320 employees for the Magna Marbella hotel, his first establishment in Spain, which he plans to open in spring in the Malaga municipality and which will have four stars.

The French hotel firm has indicated in a statement that it will 220 direct hires and 100 subcontracts to select professionals with prior work experience to fill positions such as receptionists and night auditors, bartenders, cooks, restaurant supervisors and waiters, spa therapists, sales clerks, employees in technical areas or sports instructors and babysitters.

“During the selection process, Club Med will also look for candidates who fit into other positions and who can work in the Marbella team,” said the hotel chain.

To carry out the selection process, which jointly develops a process to choose one hundred employees to fill jobs in one of the firm’s establishments in the Alps during the winter, Club Med has started a campaign of recruitment through your website and on your social media profiles where it informs of the news.

“The candidates selected for France will have priority when joining the team that will be in Marbella. Job offers will be available to work this winter in France, which will be an experience to develop skills and be considered a priority for the opening of Marbella. In any case, recruitment will continue during the season with other recruitment sessions, “the chain pointed out.

The French firm, which operates near 70 establishments in 32 countries and has employees of 110 nationalities, has indicated that it offers “development programs and training courses at all levels, created by the University of Talents with the possibility of targeting ambitious growth, also possible thanks to job rotation and talent development programs “.

“Club Med selects passionate professionals for its clients to experience an unforgettable vacation: free spirit. A unique approach, focused on a cordial and at the same time high-level relationship with the client. After a strong recovery during the summer, Club Med is prepares for the winter season in the French Alps and for the upcoming opening of its flagship in Spain, Magna Marbella“, has added.

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