The Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol has awarded the prize that it sponsors in the International week of fantastic cinema from the Costa del Sol to the actor from Malaga Joaquín Núñez, which will be held on September 10 at the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona, and with which he recognizes his solid career, as reported this Friday by the vice president of the supra-municipal institution, José María Ayala.

Thus, the awardII Special Jury Award of the Association of Municipalities’ has been presented today within the framework of the activities of the aforementioned festival, where Ayala has been accompanied by the actor, Begoña Ortiz, councilor of the Sociocultural Area of ​​the Estepona City Council; Isabel López, the president of the Unicorn Association, and Julio Peces, director of the Costa del Sol International Fantastic Film Week.

The representative of the Commonwealth has indicated that “the International fantastic film week on the Costa del Sol is a cultural project that was born centered on Estepona and that little by little has spreading to other municipalities in the regionbecoming one of the strongest and most important cultural events in the region, and an obligatory reference for film lovers from all over the country”.

In relation to this step of regional growth that the cultural event took, added the vice president, “in the last edition a new prize with the name of ‘Special Jury Prize Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol’, with which we want reward those big names in film and television who have a link with the western region and Malaga, either because they are native to our land or because they reside there”.

This year the award has gone to in Joaquín Núñez, actor born in Malaga. Although he has worked above all in theater, both in musicals and in the zarzuela ‘La del Manojo de Rosas’, as well as performing works by authors such as Woody Allen (Dios), most of his work has consisted in bringing to the stage works written and directed by himself, such as ‘El Sueño de Mamadú’, or ‘Ebdus’, among others. In 2004 he began directing the children’s theater group Imagine Teatro, specializing in social issues.

Núñez began in the world of cinema in 2005 with the short film ‘Cinema Parabicho’, which would win the award for best fiction short film Malaga Spanish Film Festival. From that moment, “he has left us a good handful of great performances in film and television with films like ‘Group 7’, ‘Who killed Bambi?’, ‘Now or never’, ‘The black stain’ or ‘ Oliver’s Universe’, and series such as ‘The Flight of Time’, ‘Freak Brigade’, ‘Tell me how it happened’, ‘Caronte’, ‘Costa del Sol Brigade’ or ‘Toy Boy.

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