The Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol has launched the Recycle at all costs campaign an action aimed “to make citizens aware of the need to separate their packaging waste to deposit it in the corresponding containers, thus demonstrating their commitment to recycling, the circular economy and sustainability in our region”, as announced by the president in functions of the entity, José Antonio Mena.

This has been highlighted by the representative of the supramunicipal institution in the presentation of the initiativewhere he was accompanied by Juan Luis Villalón, RSU delegate of the Commonwealth, and Silvia Rodríguez-Miranda, Marketing Manager at Ecoembes.

For his part, Juan Luis Villalón explained that the campaign “has been designed for dissemination through Instagram and the account, and consists of a digital gymkhana in which the participants will have to climb stories recycling containers or paper-cardboard, or reusing some waste, mentioning #yellowcontainer or #bluecontainer”.

Villalón has also indicated that they are going to raffle ten electric scooters among the participants, and which will be delivered on June 15 “during the course of a recreational and cultural event in which four artists will paint their particular vision of the circular economy live”.

This event will be held in the Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo de Marbella and will have the presence of the influencers Veronica Diazwho acts as an ambassador for the campaign, disseminating through her Instagram accounts @familiacoquetesoficial and @modajustcoco, content on the circular economy, correct recycling of packaging and paper-cardboard, and waste reuse.

In addition, Verónica Díaz has designed a unique article for this campaign, within her CRVSH brand, made with recycled materials. This unique piece will be raffled among the followers of the @modajustcoco account.

For her part, Silvia Rodríguez-Miranda recalled that Ecoembes’ objective is to “boost environmental awareness until turning recycling into a daily habit”.

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