Earlier this week the Estepona City Council announced on its social networks the future construction of a new underground car park in the center of the city, next to the Iglesia del Carmen. The new car park will be the sixth that this corporation undertakes and will have 330 spaces, of which half will be put up for sale for the use of residents and the other half will be for rotating use at the price of 1 euro per day.

At the moment the project is in tender and the works are expected to begin in 2023, but as happened with the last car park built in the Plaza del Ajedrez -still pending opening-, some residents of the area have already begun to do make your concerns public. On the one hand, they fear that the creation of these 330 places will multiply traffic in the area, affecting mobility.

On the other hand, they criticize -as did the residents of the Plaza del Ajedrez- that the City Council makes the current surface parking spaces disappear -free- to replace them with underground ones -paid-.

It is true that the City Council gives residents the option of buying one of the underground spaces at a price that ranges from 14,000 to 17,000 euros, but according to those affected, that amount must be paid all at once -except for a ticket of 1,500 euros – and for this reason many cannot afford it.

They only have, therefore, the option of paying 1 euro a day to occupy one of the rotating places. This would mean, in theory, a disbursement of 30 euros per month, but in practice it is much more. As the neighbors explain, the cost of 1 euro per day goes from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. The night schedule is two euros more. Which would already add an expense of 60 euros per month, but it turns out that if the car remains parked for more than 48 hours in a row, the parking forces you to pay a surcharge of 16 euros more, all for a parking space that until now they had free .

“Making calculations we would have to pay around 90 euros per month to park. In the neighborhood there is not enough economic capacity to afford that, ”Rafael Carrasco, a resident of the area, denounces in statements to AZ Costa del Sol.

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