The Estepona City Council informs that the construction works for the promotion of 100 officially protected homes (VPO) in the Juan Benítez area are progressing at a good pace, after exceeding 60% of their execution.

The Deputy Mayor of the Development, Infrastructure and Tourism (FIT) area, Ana Velasco, has highlighted that the land where this promotion is built has been ceded by the Consistory to the Vimpyca Foundation Entidad Benéfica de Construcción (EBC) to carry out this residential complex, aimed at promoting access to housing for people and groups with greater difficulties for it.

The works began in July of last year and its completion is expected in May 2022. At the moment they are fully concluded as far as the structure is concerned; the exterior masonry is at 90% and the roofing works, the interior partitions of the houses, as well as the interior installation of electricity, telecommunications, plumbing and ventilation, among others, have begun in the entire building. In addition, the works corresponding to the interior urbanization (pool area) have been completed.

The land, which is part of the municipal land heritage of the Estepona City Council, has an area of ​​5,000 square meters and a buildable area of ​​10,000 square meters. The plot is located in the Juan Benítez area, a sector that is in full development, thanks to the action that the Consistory carried out with the construction of the northern ring road, which has been reinforced with the widening works of the Guillermo Cabrera and Juan Benítez streets, and with the extension of Hermanos Machado street.

The municipal official has declared that this initiative fulfills one of the electoral commitments and also contributes to promoting access to housing for the most vulnerable people and groups.

At the moment, 3 of the four homes are available for people with reduced mobility. Those interested in them must register in the Municipal Registry of Housing Claimants, which is located in the Estepona Town Hall (Puertosol building), and they must not have any other property in their possession.

These houses are of mixed regime; that is, 52 dwellings under the Special Scheme and 48 under the General Scheme. Therefore, all family units whose income does not exceed 2.5 times the IPREM, in the first case, and 3.5 times the IPREM for the second, will be able to access them.

The houses are projected with one, two and three bedrooms, and there are also adapted houses for people with reduced mobility. All of them have as annex elements, a parking space and a storage room. They will also have a swimming pool and indoor community areas with a children’s area. The properties are expected to be delivered in a maximum period of 24 months, from the start of the work.

Planning development

On the other hand, it should be remembered that the City Council is promoting the development of urban planning to obtain new land that will be used for this type of housing.

Among the social measures in this area implemented by the Estepona City Council, it is worth highlighting the creation of a pioneering social fund in adapting homes to residents with limited economic resources, which favors the solution to the problems of health, vulnerability and habitability of those addresses of people with financial difficulties.

Likewise, the Consistory has an item for social emergency aid and an agreement with the water concessionaire to avoid supply cuts to people who cannot pay the bill.

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