The long-awaited normalcy arrives this Friday in some municipalities, such as the Serranía Sanitary District. However, the Costa del Sol is left out and does not go to level 0 coronavirus alert. Therefore, capacity and schedule restrictions will follow found in hospitality establishments, shops and other venues such as theaters or cinemas.

The contagion rate in the Costa del Sol Health District continues to decline, reaching a figure of 66.5 per one hundred thousand inhabitants, Casares being the only one to achieve a zero contagion rate. On the contrary, the incidence in the Serranía has managed to drop to 34.5 cases, the lowest in the entire province of Malaga and below 50, a figure provided by the Board as the limit to enter the long-awaited level.

The Serranía district has 25 municipalities: Algatocín, Alpandeire, Arriate, Atajate, Benadalid, Benalauría, Benaoján, Benarrabá, El Burgo, Cartajima, Cortes de la Frontera, Cuevas del Becerro, Faraján, Gaucín, Genalguacil, Igualeja, Jimera de Líbar, Jubrique Júzcar, Montecorto, Montejaque, Parauta, Pujerra, Ronda and Serrato.

Level 1 restrictions

The Costa del Sol district, by remaining at level 1, I would continue with the capacity and schedule restrictions but with some changes:


As for bars and restaurants, the catering establishments cannot exceed 75% of the maximum capacity for consumption inside the premises, while it is possible to occupy all the tables on the outdoor terraces. Indoors, tables are limited to eight people and ten outdoors. The service and consumption in the bar is allowed, with the established distance, in addition to the buffet service. Closing at 2:00 am with service until 1:00 am.


75% capacity and 250 people (8 per table) indoors. 100% capacity and 500 people (10 per table) outdoors. The bar is allowed indoors and outdoors and dancing only outdoors and with a mask.

Ceremonies and services

100% capacity and the greatest possible distance.


Closing at 2:00 am, with a maximum capacity of 75% in open places and 50 in closed ones.

Museums, cinemas and theaters

Regarding culture, 100% of the capacity is established as of today, Friday, with the greatest possible distance.

Night leisure

The capacity is 75% and 8 people maximum per table indoors, with check-in. 100% capacity and 10 people maximum per table outdoors. Bar allowed indoors and outdoors. Musical performances indoors and outdoors, with dancing only outdoors and wearing a mask.

The Junta de Andalucía, as a novelty, could extend the hours of nightlife until 5 in the morning in municipalities that remain at level 1, to compensate in some way for the difference in levels. Although at the moment it remains until 3.30 hours.

Bullfighting shows

The capacity is 100% with the greatest possible distance.


100% of the capacity in common outdoor areas of hotels and 75% indoors, with groups of 25 people with a tour guide, 30 if it is in nature activities.

Sport practice

100% capacity and groups of up to 20 people indoors, with 100% capacity outdoors.

Shops and markets

100% capacity and distance of 1m5 meters.

Public transport

100% seats and 75% standing.

Children’s leisure

75% capacity indoors and 100% outdoors, with a maximum of two groups of up to 25 children each.

Children’s parks

One person for every 4 square meters, with groups of up to 25 people.

Theme and water parks

Closed until 2.00 am, with a maximum capacity of 75% in open places and 50% in closed ones.

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