It is a UVC equipment with autonomous operation and movement whose objective is the disinfection of large areas without the need for temporary blocking of rooms. It is a measure to combat multi-resistant germs and disinfect isolation areasor, above all, when it is necessary to speed up the use of the rooms as is happening during the different waves of the pandemic.

The protocol starts at unit demand or the cleaning service in those isolation rooms that require this type of disinfection. As it is an automated equipment, it starts up and stops at the end of the chosen program depending on the room to be disinfected. For start-up, the cleaning staff has been instructed In its use, which, although it is simple, involves multiple attentions that must be monitored throughout the process and, in addition, they carry specific protective PPE.

From the Organization unit they have wanted to transfer the cleaning and gardening team of the Costa del Sol Hospital, your most sincere eCongratulations for your daily work, and dedication in the face of the pandemic that we are living.

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