The Costa del Sol Hospital has developed a patient active listening research project where “valuable feedback” has been obtained for the renewal of the Extractions service in the area of ​​External Consultations and its subsequent evaluation by the patients themselves.

The conclusions highlight an improvement in health care and the satisfaction and perception of users after the opening and commissioning of the remodeled space.

This work has been published in the scientific magazine Journal of Healthcare Quality Researchofficial journal of the Spanish Society for Healthcare Quality indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index.

To do this, the multidisciplinary research team composed of professionals from the Laboratory Service, Nursing and the Research and Innovation Unit of the Hospital Costa del Sol have carried out an evaluative study of mixed methodology within the context of the extraction service of the hospital, using qualitative methodology to assess the perception of users and quantitative methodology through a satisfaction survey to identify the change perceived after the remodeling of the area.

The Perception of patients about the quality of health services it is a key indicator in health assessment. Through correct communication and active listening to patients, the necessary feedback can be obtained to adapt or implement improvements in circuits and infrastructures that require it.

“It is important incorporate the opinions and preferences of patients and users in the decision-making processes of the health system, since they are a valuable source of information on possible deficiencies and/or areas for improvement, and their participation in the evaluation of the different public health services also enhances their empowerment”.

During whatIn the months of May to September 2016, the information was collected qualitative. The study population was selected taking into account segmentation criteria between the groups of patients who attend the Extractions Service of the Costa del Sol Hospital: anticoagulated patients, HIV patients, pregnant women who perform the glucose test (curve), mothers accompanying minors, people with access difficulties and people who undergo analytical controls, the Board has indicated in a statement.

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