The Costa del Sol Health Agency has a new robotic platform for rapid disinfection that works thanks to the emission of low-wavelength ultraviolet light, the so-called C. It is a UVC equipment with autonomous operation and movement whose objective is disinfection of large areas without the need for temporary blocking of rooms. It is a measure to combat multi-resistant germs and disinfect isolation areas, especially when it is necessary to speed up the use of rooms as is happening during the different waves of the pandemic.

This equipment is mobile and has a rolling platform that can move autonomously by recognition of the rooms by means of a laser camera device or it can also be operated from a tablet, similar to a remote-controlled car. It has a few batteries for its auto power supply, so it does not require connection to any power source when it is working.

This robotic platform carries a cylinder surrounded by ultraviolet light emitting tubes. Once located in the area to be treated, an automatic protocol begins that initiates ultraviolet C radiation that is capable of acting on all living matter that receives light directly, destroying, for example, the RNA chains of infectious agents (it burns the living cells that receive light). It is about eliminating those living pathogens both in the environment as aerosol, or, deposited on surfaces that, by contact, could end up colonizing patients or professionals.

UVC radiation is harmful to living things as long as it is received directly. For this reason, the protocols establish that there should not be people in the room, as well as, in the case of laboratory and / or pharmacy areas, culture media, cell cultures, etc., because they would be inactivated.

The protocol begins at the request of the unit or the cleaning service in those isolation rooms that require this type of disinfection. As it is an automated equipment, it starts up and stops at the end of the chosen program depending on the room to be disinfected. For the start-up, the cleaning personnel have been instructed in its use, which, although it is simple, involves multiple attentions that must be monitored throughout the process and, in addition, they wear specific protective PPE.

The use of the device does not imply that traditional cleaning and disinfection methods, with the protocols established so far, will be eliminated or minimized. The system is a complement to the manual disinfection using diffusion hydrogen peroxide that has been carried out, providing a higher level of security and a greater degree of agility in the arrangement of rooms (by not requiring security periods after use), especially in centers with major problems (by type of patient, by type of stay …), where nosocomial diseases pose a challenge.

The implementation of this measure has been thanks to the work of the Organization unit of the Directorate of Services and Industrial Processes of the Agency which, as technology evolves, carries out an analysis to gradually implement new measures that guarantee the maximum safety of patients and professionals. .

On the other hand, in addition also from this direction, specifically from the Maintenance unit, the study and continuous work has made possible the implementation of a new air conditioner that has already been installed in the new emergency observation area and where they have been incorporated UV lamps for disinfection of the inlet and outlet air, making an environment cleaner from pathogens.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this unit, in addition to strengthening its services and implementing new measures, has carried out different awareness campaigns on the disinfection of permanent contact surfaces and the importance of the task carried out by the cleaning and disinfection service. , crucial in the fight against germs in general, and nosocomial diseases in particular. All of them are part of the day-to-day health care in the hospital environment.

The technician of the Organization unit, Sergio Barranco, wanted to record the “importance that cleaning service deserves.” For this reason, he continues, he wants from these lines “to convey that we are very proud of this team who have shown in the worst situation, to be at the highest level of professionalism”. For Barranco, these workers “have not failed and have carried out this much-needed task consistently, effectively and silently. They have shown an excellent commitment in meeting the constant demand and coping with their own personal problems without transferring them to the workplace because they knew it was not the time to fail ”. They have trusted and blindly followed the instructions although their methodology was changed daily, also offering volunteers in a wave of uncertainty. In short, we have perceived a degree of general commitment worthy of pride for our Agency ”, he concludes.

For his part, the head of this same unit, Roberto Cerrato, wanted to highlight the leadership and management capacity and professionalism for 24 hours a day, of the person in charge of the cleaning service at the Costa del Sol Hospital, Josefa Galván. It has proven once again to be a fundamental piece of this organization. That professionalism is transferred every day to his service, making him improve constantly and managing to maintain one of the highest values ​​of satisfaction indexes of the entire Agency ”. Therefore, both conclude “we want to convey, to the entire cleaning and gardening team, our gratitude and admiration for their daily work.”

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