Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada and Jaén are already in the long-awaited Level 0, and practically all the Malaga province, except the Costa del Sol, which is very close to achieving it. Specifically, it currently stands at 58.5 cases, only 8.5 above the required range at this level.

Today the meetings of the Public Health Alert committees have been held again in the eight provinces, and the data is quite positive. So much so, that no Andalusian municipality is proposed to adopt measures to restrict freedom of movement at night.

The new alert levels are applicable for seven days from 00:00 on Thursday, October 7. Already last week, the Costa del Sol was on the verge of reaching Level 0, in which all restrictions regarding capacity and hours are eliminated. Now, it’s back just short of leaving Level 1 behind.

As for the health districts of the province of Málaga, Serranía, Málaga, Guadalhorce, La Vega and Axarquía, they are already at Alert Level 0.


The thresholds that mark the levels take into account eight indicators, not only the incidence, such as IA at 14 days, IA at 7 days, IA at 14 days in people over 65 years of age, PDIA tests, traceability percentages, ICU bed index , indication of hospitalization and vaccination coverage.

These parameters apply to all autonomous communities.

The territorial committees of High Impact Public Health Alerts carry out continuous monitoring of the epidemiological situation in their provinces and report on the need to maintain or modulate alert levels and their degrees according to the health risk and the proportionality of the measures. They meet every Wednesday to assess the situation of the municipalities. We will have to wait for the next one so that the Costa del Sol also joins the rest of the districts in Level 0.

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