The Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella has called the former mayor of Mijas and candidate for the PP in the municipal elections on May 28, Angel Nozalto check your signature in the so-called ‘cashier case’where he allegedly signed a rental contract on behalf of the community of owners of Cabopino de Marbella without authorization to do so as a property manager, as denounced by a group of neighbors.

The popular, who last week announced that he was leaving politics after the pact sealed in Mijas between the PSOE, Ciudadanos and Por Mi Pueblo to govern the town council for the next 4 years, already went to court on June 5 from Marbella to declare as “investigated” for the aforementioned cause.

Thus, the judge has once again issued a new summons and Nozal is called to appear in court “through his legal representation” tomorrow, Thursday, June 15, at 10:00 a.m., “in order to carry out the collation of the signature in the secretariat of this Court”, according to the summons to which this newspaper has had access.

against the resolution file an “appeal for reform within 3 days or appeal for reform and subsidiary appeal, in the same period from the day following its notification”, which took place on June 8.

The case derives from the complaint filed by a group of residents of the community of owners of the Cabopino urbanization in Marbella in October 2022 against Nozal, having allegedly signed a lease for the installation of an ATM in the area, supposedly in the capacity of property administrator and on behalf of the community without authorization from the board of owners for this, since he did not practice as such at that time, something that the former mayor denied to this newspaper last May.

In the complaint, the residents expose “facts that may involve alleged acts constituting the criminal type of fraud, misappropriation and unfair administration, among others”, and that qualify as “alleged crimes against community property of owners”, a matter that is settled in the courts of Marbella.

Specifically, the document indicates that allegedly “Ángel Nozal, on December 1, 2017, acting in supposed representation of the community of owners of Cabopino, signs an ATM rental contract with the company Euro automatic cash payment entity SL”, denouncing the community members who at that time “did not appear as community administrator”. To this they add that, therefore, “there is no power, nor express authorization from the Board of Owners that authorizes the accused to sign”, since in that year his wife, Michelle van Gaalen, was “appointed to this position”. , which is also being investigated by a Marbella court for an alleged crime against the property of the Cabopino community of owners.

On the other hand, the complaint states that “the price set as consideration for the rental is 400 euros per month”, while it points out according to the accounting and financial summaries approved by the Board of Owners from 2017 to 2022, which in the rental income there is supposedly “a loss of 12,311.43 euros”.

Nozal denies that he signed the contract

For his part, Ángel Nozal denied last May that he had signed the rental contract with the entity: “I did not sign the contract. It was signed by the president, Gianni Fieno”, he told this newspaper, the latter also being summoned to testify as a “witness” on June 19, at 11:30 a.m., in Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella.

As Nozal defended before the magistrate on June 5“it is not your signature” the one that appears in the ATM rental contract, although he acknowledged that “his name appears because the 2002 contract was cut and pasted, and that this is where the error came from,” according to the defense attorney for the complaining neighbors, who Antonio Jesús Doblas was present at the oral hearing.

Nozal himself assured this newspaper that “Banco Popular, now Santander, sent a renewal of the contract to the community in which I put my name as a representative of the same, not being it and the president signed as a representative of the community ”. In addition, he pointed out that he was not “the administrator of Cabopino since 2010”.

My signature, therefore, does not appear anywhere because on that date I was no longer its representative. The annual contract was for about 3,000 euros that the bank deposited monthly into a community checking account at Santander’s own bank, ”he assured.

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