The Central Court of Instruction number 6 of Madrid has preventively seized since December 2020 three assets of the company Hacienda Property SL, of which the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, is the “sole partner”, a decision adopted by the same court that recently prosecuted the husband of the councilor and her stepson for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking”.

Specifically, in several simple notes of the Marbella Property Registries consulted by this newspaper it is indicated that the Hacienda Property SL is the 100% owner of a berth in Puerto Banús, a plot in the Haza del Conde urbanization and an industrial building in the urbanization Andalucía la nueva.

Thus, and as it appears in the Property Registry, these three properties are encumbered with a preventive annotation of prohibition to dispose of the same at the expense of the procedure followed by the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court and which issued this judicial document on December 1, 2020.

The lawyer Antonio Flores, from the law firm specialized in real estate and banking law, Lawbird, explained that this concept refers to “an embargo so that it cannot be sold”, Therefore, any good on which this type of annotation weighs “is outside the commercial market” and You cannot buy, sell, or encumber at the expense of a judicial procedure that is underway”. The jurist has added that with this, “any person or notary mainly who sees it, will not be able to carry out any type of operation.”

According to the simple note of the Mercantile Registry consulted by this newspaper, the mayor and senator of the People’s Party (PP) by the province of Malaga, she was appointed in July 2020 as the “sole partner” of the company Hacienda Property SL, which is the “100%” owner of the three aforementioned assets, while her husband has been the “sole administrator” since June of 1998, an aspect that he declared in the Upper House last week, after several journalistic publications about his heritage.

In this way, Muñoz has updated its declaration of patrimonial assets in the Senate in full storm for the case of her husband, after experiencing an iEquity increase by acquiring “100%” of this company in 2020, and that until then she had declared after her inauguration in 2019 as a senator that she shared “50%”, and that according to an “assessment made by experts in the real estate market” to the media outlet, these three properties (berth, solar and industrial warehouse) can have a value of about 3 million euros.

Specifically, Muñoz has declared an increase in equity relating to a plot, a berth and an industrial warehouse in the name of the company Hacienda Property SL, all of them acquired in 2005 and located in Malaga, over which the mayoress and senator currently has a “100%” right, according to the declaration of patrimonial assets presented last week in the Upper House, to which this newspaper has had access, and which It will be published in the channels of the legislative body once it has the approval of the Senate Table, they explained from the Upper House.

The Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court issued on September 29 a indictment in which the mayoress’s husband is being prosecuted, Swedish businessman Lars Gunnar Sune Broberg, and his son, Joakim Broberg, among almost thirty people involved in the legal case, for the alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking”.

The court determines after lThe instruction concluded that it is “a criminal organization led by citizens of Swedish nationality settled in Spain, with members of German and Polish nationality, dedicated to drug trafficking, mainly hashish and marijuana”.

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