The helicopter that collided with a tree while trying to land to leave 19 INFOCA technicians It was one of the three Super Puma acquired this year by the Junta de Andalucía, through a five-year rental contract with the company Babcock. These devices are based on Jerez del Marquesado (Grenade), Cartama (Malaga) and Madroñalejo (Seville)

The AS332 Super Puma is a state-of-the-art device capable of quickly accessing fires thanks to its high speed, since it is capable of reaching the 277 kilometers per hour. It is a heavy helicopter capable of carrying up to 3,500 liters of water and 19 people, normally 1 technician and 18 specialists.

It has great capacity, comfort for its occupants and speed, in addition to the most advanced technology. The three devices purchased by INFOCA are equipped with beacons of the ADSB type, a tool that incorporates civil aviation in airports.

Is about a secondary approach radar that allows to integrate unmanned aircraft (drones) in extinction efforts, although this aspect is an idea that INFOCA is working on for the future. Its military version is the standard model commonly used by the Land Army.

These devices are manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, and some parts such as the bottom and top of the frame fuselage, the tail cone, as well as various components and assemblies, are manufactured in the Aernnova factory (Seville).

Today’s accident is due to the fact that when it was about to land, the work carried out by the ground crews raised a dust that caused the loss of visibility by the pilot.

This caused the device collide with a tree, although both the crew and the two brigades of specialists that it transported have left unharmed, and the device does not show serious damage to the naked eye due, among other things, to the pilots expertise.

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