The victory in the elections for the presidency of the Italian Republic of the far-right party Fratelli d’Italialed by Giorgia Meloni, mark a new scenario in European politics, and pending the conclusion of the vote, the Italian who asked for the vote in Marbella for the Vox candidate for the Andalusian elections, Macarena Olonawill be the first female minister of the Mediterranean country.

The Italian election results throw a win for the right-wing coalition headed by Meloni, collect training 26.3% of the votes with 93% of the votes counted at noon this Monday, which after the recount must meet later to reach a coalition agreement with the parties of Berlusconi, Forza Italia (8%), and Matteo Salvini, Liga (9 %).

The president of the Italian formation went to Marbella on June 12 to support the Vox candidacy for the Andalusian electionswhich were held on June 19, at the Auditorium of the Constitution Park marbella, where defended the vote for Macarena Olona. Meloni was the second to speak at the party’s rally, preceding the national leader, Santiago Abascal, participating in an electoral event in which he knew how to motivate the Marbella audience, which he raised on several occasions with a speech loaded with proclamations against “lobby LGTBI”, globalization, equality policies or immigration.

“Since his birth, Fratelli d’Italia has been terminatedThey said there was no hope for us, but today we are the first party in Italyand we are because we have not accepted the limits that others wanted to impose on us”, the leader verbalized between applause to encourage Vox in the electoral battle, while alluding to the power of citizens at the polls against “financial groups, the big media or progressive intellectuals”.

The far-right leader advocated change in the Andalusian region demonizing “a globalization without rules and the triumph of the financial economy above the real one”, appealing to the “high price we are paying for having allowed in recent years the relocation of our companies, the extension of value chains and the displacement of the wealth of our nations”.

He also attacked in his speech against “ecological ideology. stating that “our energy dependence is dramatic” and “the idea of ​​a complete transition to electricity without having control of the necessary raw materials will only make us depend on China even more than we depend on Russia.” assuring to applause that this will make the Asian nation “even richer without worrying about our environmental standards.”

Regarding gender ideology, Meloni stated that the reason for it “is not the fight against discrimination or overcoming the differences between men and women”, but that “the true objective, undeclared but tragically evident, is the disappearance of women, and above all, the end of motherhood”. At the same time, she advocated “not keeping quiet about the safety of our neighborhoods and the growing ethnic violence in our society” when exposing that in Italy some “young North Africans destroyed a tourist city and on the train they surrounded and sexually abused 6 girls”, questioning what would happen if the victims had been African.

At this point, he linked with the issue of immigration to state that “the left defends women until they meet a foreign criminal”, moment in which he “is worth more than the woman”, a few words with which he raised the audience. In this context, Meloni criticized the defense of “illegal immigrants like those who have jumped Ceuta and Melilla as refugees.” “These people are not fleeing from a war, those who are fleeing from a war are the Ukrainians”, he verbalized, emphasizing that it is the mothers and children who are fleeing because “when there’s a war, men tend to stay and fight”.

“In these years, however, only single men of working age came to us and the left, which is the armed wing of the interests of the large economic concentrations, has laid out the red carpet knowing that this cheap labor would compete to the bottom with our workers. That is not solidarity, for them they were new slaves to be exploited and European civilization fought against slavery and abolished it centuries ago. We will not accept his return, ”he remarked.

The star of the Vox rally for the Andalusian elections also took the opportunity to send a message to the Popular Party (PP), which he advised that “instead of being distressed at losing votes to the right…, reconnect with yourselves and once again defend the true values ​​for which you were born”. The Italian closed her speech by referring to “the end of the Reconquest” when “Andalusia returned to Spain and Europe to Christianity.”

Lastly, he made a series of allegations to “the natural family”, to “sexual identity”, to “the culture of life”, to “the universality of the Cross”, to “secure borders”, “to the work of our citizens”, to “the sovereignty of peoples and our civilization” in front of “lobby LGTBI”, “gender ideology”, “the abyss of death”, “Islamist violence”, “mass immigration”, “big international finance” or “Brussels bureaucrats”.

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