Today, Monday, September 27, has been published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga the Call for Subsidies of the delegation of Social Rights for the year 2021, which opens the deadline for submitting applications for all non-profit associations and entities of a social nature. Requests can be made knownr until next October 12 inclusive. The councilor, Isabel Cintado, stressed that “the City Council, committed to the social movement and volunteering, continues its support for social entities, supporting the fundamental role they are playing, reaching where administrations do not.”

The mayor explained that the total amount allocated to this call amounts to 150,000 euros, to which must be added the amounts corresponding to the Collaboration agreements signed with Red Cross (443,700 euros), Grow Association (47,397 euros), Marbella Voluntary Association (41,316 euros), Alzheimer’s Family Association, AFA Marbella, (47,397 euros), Dya-Malaga Association (180,000 euros), Bastiano Bergese Foundation (23,251 euros), Bancosol (57,234 euros), Caritas (28,000 euros) and Fibromyalgia Association of Marbella, AFIMAR, with 19,000 euros.

Non-profit associations and social entities that meet the requirements established in the call and in the General Ordinance on the Granting of Subsidies for the execution of projects and initiatives that have their execution period in the year 2021 may be beneficiaries of these subsidies. “These grants are intended to promote and strengthen the associative movement in the municipality of Marbella, promoting and enhancing the actions and projects of social interest, and that are directed to any of the following social groups, provided that the activities to be subsidized correspond to the entity’s own purposes ”, said Cintado, who has specified that, among them are childhood and family; old people; women; people in a situation of dependency and their family members; rare diseases; groups at risk of social exclusion; people with drug addiction and addiction problems; social volunteering and people with disabilities.

In addition, it has specified that grants will be awarded for projects with the purpose of achieving certain objectives, in relation to specific problems, for a defined population in the municipality of Marbella and within an established period of time. In addition, their objectives should be to support and promote social volunteering, sensitize the population to community problems and social needs, promote prevention and social insertion of individuals or groups with serious social problems, promote self-help and coexistence groups and the defense and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms. “This year the expenses generated as a result of the special actions as a consequence of the sanitary-epidemiological crisis produced by the Coronavirus COVID19 are considered eligible, and that are aimed at guaranteeing the hygienic and preventive measures necessary for the development of the different activities” , has pointed out the mayor.

For more information, you can access the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga of September 27, 2021, Bulletin No. 184, where the extract of the call is published, the full text of which can be consulted in the National Grant Database; Likewise, the documentation is also available through the City Council’s website.

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