The promoter Sierra Blanca Estates has announced this Tuesday the development of the residence and hotel project Marbella Design Hillswhich will have more than 80,000 square meters of surface for the construction of a complex with 70 homes and a five-star Grand Luxury hotel with 80 rooms, as the company has progressed.

As detailed, the houses will be conceived under the typology branded luxury residencesbeing spaces whose design and conceptualization involve international brands linked to the universe of fashion, jewelry, aviation or the automotive industry, among others.

The project also includes a “5-star Grand Luxury hotel development with 80 rooms and a restaurant beach-club with an area of ​​2,000 square meters”, in addition to “a wide commercial boulevard and a public landscaped promenade area which plans to host the largest open-air art exhibition in southern Spain”.

In this way, Sierra Blanca Estates “takes the first step in the development of what will be its premiere in the hotel and commercial promotionin addition to high-rise residential standingthrough the call for a total of four international studies who will bid individually to become the signatories of the design of a project that foresees an investment of close to 250 million euros”, they have indicated from the promoter.

In the words of Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of Sierra Blanca Estates“Marbella Design Hills represents the culmination of our transforming vision of the Golden Mile, a mixed project that will not only be a new pole for private investment by future residents and international brands, but also a public space of enormous beauty and attraction for all citizens and visitors of Marbella”. “We want our municipality to be the next international phenomenon in the style of Miami’s Design District and Wynwood, that is our aspiration,” he added.

For his part, the founder and president of Sierra Blanca Estates, Pedro Rodriguez, has stated that “share the same criteria as public administrations at the local and regional level it is a great boost”.

Regarding the project to adapt access to the Golden Mile through the work on the Istán highway, he assessed that “the new boulevard will be a huge opportunity to enhance the enormous value of this area of ​​the municipality, without a doubt an effort that will be responded to on our part by giving life to a project designed to attract visitors and locals in equal parts and set a new benchmark beyond our territory”.

The company has highlighted that Marbella’s Golden Mile “has become one of the investment attraction poles most important to date” in terms of residential tourism, while highlighting “the recent tender for the adaptation and widening works of the two kilometers of circulation route of the Highway to Istán”, which connects the area with the municipality.

Thus, they have highlighted that the public investment will be “close to five million euros” and will turn this circulation route “into a elegant boulevard equipped with hard shoulders, sidewalks, lighting and four roundabouts”.

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