The Diputación de Málaga has granted a grant of 292,358.53 euros to the Marbella City Council for the execution of a new section of the coastal path, located between Jardines de las Golondrinas and Naviero avenues, which will have some 170 meters long and will be equipped with piloted wooden walkways, as reported on Wednesday by the president of the provincial institution, Francisco Salado.

Thus, he highlighted the advancement of the coastal path in the provincean initiative led by the Malaga institution that not only contributes to improving the environment of the coastal strip, but is also a more tourist attraction for the municipalities.

Salado explained that there is still 5.5 million euros available from the provincial budget for the start-up of new projects, while recalling that so far this year there has been given the green light to finance new sections in Vélez-Málaga, where a path of about 300 meters will be prepared from the end of the Paseo de Lagos to the footbridge of the Güí River; in Marbella a section will be built between Arroyo la Paloma and Funny Beach; and in Torrox, a 440-meter promenade will be set up from the Punta del Faro urbanization to the Rincón de Pepe beach bar.

The new project approved in Marbellalocated between Jardines de las Golondrinas and Naviero avenues, contemplates the recovery of the traffic easement zone for public use and the implementation of a piloted wooden footbridge with a useful width of four meters and rest spaces approximately every 50 metres, giving the footbridge an extra meter and a half in width.

In addition, it has indicated that a piloted walkway to affect nature and the ecosystem as little as possible of this coastal space that is to be valued with the incorporation of the pedestrian path. The planned length for each pile is three meters, of which approximately two and a half are sunk and the upper 50 centimeters protrude from the ground.

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