The dissolution of the Senate, which came into force yesterday Tuesday, has caused Decayed the parliamentary investigation of the mayoress of Marbella acting, Ángeles Muñoz, on her assets by ceasing to have the status of senator and from now on limiting parliamentary activity to the Permanent Deputation of the Upper House.

This investigation was opened a few months ago within the Committee on Incompatibilities of the Senate -at the request of the PSOE-, for the alleged violation of the Code of Conduct of the Cortes Generales after he updated his declaration of assets to include the acquisition of 100% of a company and a house in Sweden. The mayoress could have hidden part of her assets from the Upper House, according to the Socialists.

However, the dissolution of the senate It has left this investigation in the water given that it has not allowed the Commission on Incompatibilities to prepare the report to determine if Ángeles Muñoz, who won again with an absolute majority, violated the Code of Conduct of the Courts.

Before this dissolution, the Commission on Incompatibilities requested documentation from the Marbella Town Hall, in addition to requesting the appearance of Ángeles Muñoz, something that he finally rejected. And with this, the investigation working group decided to postpone the preparation of the report until after the May 28 elections, although this investigation has finally been paralyzed.

No dent in the electoral results

He Partido Popular has once again won the municipal elections in Marbella by adding 19,437 votes, which represent 40.73% of the support of the electorate, so angeles munoz has obtained an absolute majority to govern alone. The Joakim case, for which her husband, now deceased, and her stepson were prosecuted for drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal gang, has hardly taken its toll on Muñoz, who, yes, reached an absolute majority at the last minute in one night heart attack for the popular people from Marbella. On June 17, the investiture plenary will take place where the 14 councilors of the PP, the 8 of the PSOE, the 3 of Opción Sampedreña and the 2 of Vox take office.

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