The mayor of Beaches in Mijas, José Carlos Martín, pointed out this Monday that the Mijas coast has had an influx of 96,841 people throughout the month of July, which makes an average of 3,200 users per day along the 14 kilometers of coastline. “Our measures of capacity control through our three drones They have borne fruit again this year and we have managed not to overcrowd our beaches and maintain homogeneity along the coast. At no time has any of the areas collapsed and we have been able to enjoy them in complete safety, “said the councilor.

Visitors and neighbors who want to get closer to Mijas beaches can consult the influx data on the municipal website, where the updated percentage of occupancy is indicated, so users can choose whether or not they want to go to a more crowded beach or look for one that is quieter, having that possibility and that guarantee before to move.

“This system has allowed the people who have come to the coast of Mijas to know in advance what their status was, thus giving them the opportunity to choose. Evidently, in August we continue with this service that it is being so functional for the good development and the guarantee of safety of our beaches ”, added Martín.

The councilor recalled that, at the same time, ten controllers monitor that security measures interpersonal are met and the separation of one and a half meters between towels from different family units is respected. “The effort of the department for the prevention and fight against Covid 19 has been outstanding. All this has given us a plus to this tourist segment, our municipality being an example to follow at the national level, ”said the councilor.

Thus, in addition to the three capacity control drones and the website, it should be noted that 65 sanitizing gel dispensers are distributed along the coast, to which is added the cleaning reinforcement. “One of the measures that offered more security to our bathers last year and that we have repeated again in 2021 is to have a permanent cleaning professional in the beach bathrooms so that every time a user, the place is disinfected, ”said Martín. The Mijas City Council has also installed informational posters on Mijas beaches with all the recommendations on the prevention of coronavirus and the rules of use of the coastline.

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