The Electoral Board of the Marbella Zone has admonished the City Council of this town for breaching the electoral law in the framework of the campaign for the Andalusian elections on June 19, after the PSOE denounced the holding of a open day at the health center of San Pedro Alcántara for different groups, as reported on Tuesday by the general secretary in Malaga, Daniel Pérez.

This has been highlighted by the socialist representative in a visit he has made to the Marbella Bullring neighborhoodwhere he has been accompanied by the candidate for the Andalusian Parliament, Blanca Fernández, and the Secretary of Organization of training in Malaga, José Bernal.

During his speech, Pérez alluded to the fact that “the Electoral Board has reprimanded the Marbella City Council for organize propaganda acts when the electoral law prevents it” and that derives from a “complaint” filed by the PSOE which “is right”.

Specifically, the training presented a complaint against the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, for “the campaign of achievements and management carried out from that institution and using municipal means, directing and leading an open house for different groups in the municipality in order to publicize the new San Pedro de Alcántara Health Center”, according to the resolution of the Electoral Board, to which Málaga Hoy has had access.

In this way, the body has agreed not to initiate a “sanctioning file” already concluded “the act that is the subject of the complaint, taking into account that it was scheduled prior to the election call” Y “withdrawals and the publications related to said act from the institutional profile of social networks of the mayor of Marbella”.

Even so, the Electoral Board requires in its letter to the Marbella councilor “the removal of said publications also from your personal profile on social networks” and resolves “without prejudice to requiring the Marbella City Council so that in the future refrain from carrying out any act of inauguration of works, public services or projects of these, whatever the denomination used, and to make any statement that contains allusions to the achievements or achievements obtained in strict compliance with Article 50.2 and 3 of the LOREG”.

For this reason, Pérez has pointed out that the body “he has slapped the mayor’s ears because he is dedicated to doing activities that are not contemplated by law” and tells the Marbella City Council to “stop any propaganda activity.” Furthermore, he has added that the PSOE has filed a second complaint for the “private radio spots” that is pending resolution.

“The first thing we have to do is play fair, everyone with the same rules, and above all, knowing that once they are elections called you can not cheat as we are used to Bendodo’s policies, and it seems that Ángeles Muñoz copies them”, added the general secretary of the PSOE in Malaga.

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