The number one of the PSOE of Malaga in the regional elections on June 19, Josele Aguilar, has asked the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, on Monday to “stop using institutions for your own benefit”, since it has been reprimanded for the second time by the Zone Electoral Boardwhich has forced the City Council to withdraw an advertising campaign on private radio for “electoral infraction”.

During a visit to the market in Las Albarizas, accompanied by the candidate, Blanca Fernández, and the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Malaga, José Bernal, he has demanded that the Marbella councilor “do not use public money for private benefit” because “it is enough that the PP be the party of cheats and lies”.

“We are in the pre-campaign and since the elections are called, public institutions must be impartial,” said Aguilar, who added that for the second time the Electoral Board has reprimanded the mayor of Marbella and, in this case, “has forced him to remove some advertising spots announcing projects”.

According to the minutes of the Electoral Board, to which this newspaper has had access, the reprimand derives from a complaint filed by the PSOE because of the “institutional campaign” that the local council has developed in three radio stations “with the insertion of advertisements”, which carries the slogan ‘More infrastructure, more city. Marbella Town Hall’, although a “sanctioning file” has not been initiated.

According to the document, the initiative has served to disclose “Works to be carried out on the sanitation network in the Plaza de Toros neighborhood of Marbellaon Salduba Street”, estimating the Electoral Board that “an outreach activity was taking place of the future projects by said City Council, specifically of the indicated works”.

“In fact, his own letter of allegations from the City Council acknowledges that it is the communication of a project of the samesince what is prohibited is the carrying out of such conduct by the public powers, being indifferent that this could have initially taken place prior to the calling of the regional elections”, is stated in the minutes.

For all these reasons, the Electoral Board appreciates “the existence of an electoral infraction”, specifically in relation to art. 50.2 of the LOREG, for which it requires the Marbella City Council so that in the future “refrain from performing acts that contain allusions to the accomplishments or achievements obtained or to future projects”.

Likewise, the body indicates to the Consistory that it refrain from use “matching or similar images or expressions to those used in their own campaigns by any of the political entities concurrent to the elections, as well as to carry out any act of inauguration of public works or services”, without prejudice to the fact that they may come into operation.

It also requires the City Council “lwithdrawal of the institutional campaign with the slogan ‘More infrastructure, more city. Marbella Town Hall’ through the advertisement insertion.

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