The Junta de Andalucía continues with the Progressive opening of the Emergency Unit of the High Resolution Hospital (HAR) of Estepona, whose entire provision of services is at the expense of the hiring of the “total staff” and that involves the staggered start-up of the center, as reported on Tuesday by the territorial delegate for Health and Consumer Affairs, Carlos Bautista.

This has been highlighted by the regional representative in a visit he has made to the hospital center to check the commissioning of this unit after opening according to the Board at the beginning of the summer, where he has been accompanied by the managing director of the Costa del Sol hospital and affiliated centers, Antonio Cansino; and the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano.

Bautista has highlighted that the activity in this Estepona HAR Emergency circuit It is currently being developed with 38 professionals, being a service with which work will continue to be completed until its portfolio is completed and in which the phiring process of the “total staff” to provide complete coverage.

The Estepona HAR Emergency area has a approximate useful area of ​​1,300 square meters on the ground floor and has rooms that will be at full capacity with the total opening of the unit, such as the waiting room for relatives, emergency admission, caretaker control and nursing, a space for patient transfer or two triage consultations.

Added to this is “a critical or resuscitation room (CPR), another waiting room for patients, 10 emergency consultations (medical, urgent, for electrocardiography, technique room, treatment room and plaster room) and an observation room for eight armchairs. It also has a 10-bed observation space with two toilets for the public, a dirty trade and a clean one. The unit also includes pediatric emergencies, which has two consultations for child care and one for techniques, assisted bathing and a pediatric waiting room.

Behind the inauguration of this hospital by the president of the Junta de AndalucíaJuanma Moreno, on February 8, 2021 for the hospitalization of Covid patients transferred from the Costa del Sol hospital -as a consequence of the evolution of the pandemic and within the contingency plan-, began his staggered start-up of the different areas with the beginning of the scheduled activity of Radiology on March 19, 2021 and, later on April 5 of the same year, it began its activity of External Consultations and Functional Tests.

Since then, the Radiodiagnosis area 11,496 tests have been carried outincluding 2,583 mammograms, 687 CT scans, 1,469 ultrasound scans, 3,686 simple x-rays and 3,071 MRIs.

For its part, in the consultation area since its opening, a total of 33,736 have been made, of which 572 have been from Anesthesiology, 1,321 from General Surgery, 2,796 from Internal Medicine, 1,622 from Cardiology, 5,178 from Digestive System, 164 from Hematology, 911 from Pulmonology, 661 from Ophthalmology, 4,626 from Otorhinolaryngology, 2,204 Rehabilitation, 5,706 Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology4,508 from Urology, 2,079 from Gynecology and 1,368 from Obstetrics

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