The Costa del Sol Environmental Complex has begun to give free environmental workshops in the educational centers of the eleven joint municipalities.

Visits to the facility’s environmental classroom, which some 5,000 schoolchildren pass through each year, were suspended during the pandemic. Now the Complex is going to start the construction of a new classroom, much more dynamic, innovative and fun, giving priority to digital and technological activities, where visitors can access content autonomously.

While the works are being carried out, the Environmental Complex does not want to abandon its work to raise awareness among schoolchildren and has begun to give environmental workshops in the centers themselves.

The Urban Solid Waste delegate of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, Juan Luis Villalón, points out that “the majority of schoolchildren on the Costa del Sol do not know where the rubbish they throw away on a daily basis goes; what is the path that the waste follows from the container to its subsequent recycling, or how the Costa del Sol Environmental Complex works. And we want to solve all those doubts”.

The delegate highlights that “these workshops have enormous importance in families because children are the best transmitters of the message about recycling. And all the concepts they learn in the workshop are transferred to the rest of their families, causing changes in consumption habits”.

The activity is aimed at students in 4th, 5th and 6th years of Primary Education. This is a workshop that explains, through audiovisual material and games, what the Costa del Sol Environmental Complex is, how to separate and classify the waste collected throughout the Costa del Sol, what waste is deposited in each container or how long it takes for the materials to degrade, among other concepts. Centers interested in participating can contact the Complex’s Department of Communication and Environmental Education at Once the request is received, the day to give the workshop will be arranged.

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